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Beneath the Covers with Rock Album Artist Hugh Syme

hugh syme album art covers

If you’re a Rush fan, you know Hugh Syme and his dynamic covers for the iconic prog-rock band. But there are many more memorable images that Syme has created that you might not realize are his. He has had a long-term relationship with Dream Theater that has lasted nearly 20 years. His work has graced […]

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Why Missy Elliott Will Always Be the Queen of Hip-Hop

missy elliott

I have been a hip-hop head as long as I can remember. OK, that is a lie. It goes back to when I was about 10 years old. My cousin had brought a piece of cardboard and a pair of fingerless gloves to Thanksgiving. After we ate our meal, we went out to my grandmother’s […]

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Meg Remy on an Essential Album Right Now and What It Means to be a Record Collector

Meg Remy US Girls

The other day, I posed a hypothetical to my husband: “What if vinyl records get recalled because the material is needed for human survival?” I was imagining records being turned into some fuel or heat source. He didn’t find this very likely. I tried another: “What if the record collectors of North America are forced […]

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Bruno Major Takes the Bob Ross Approach to Songwriting

bruno major artist

Bruno Major is a songwriter’s songwriter. The British guitarist knows where pop music comes from and sees where it can go. His deep study of melodic structure from classic Great American Songbook jazz standards and modern production methods of hip-hop and R&B results in songs that feel both timeless and timely. Chatting with the Northhampton […]

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You Should Know Paulinho da Costa, One of the Most Recorded Musicians of all Time

paulinho da costa musician

There’s only one degree of separation between Randy Newman’s Trouble in Paradise and Nazareth’s Malice in Wonderland. In fact, that degree separates over one thousand other albums. That degree is Paulinho da Costa. The Brazilian percussionist may not be a household name, but his credits list is one-of-a-kind; at the time of this writing, da […]

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