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Why I Have A Minor Crush On Audio-Technica’s LPW40wn Turntable

If it’s possible to be infatuated with a turntable, then I have a minor crush on the Audio-Technica LPW40wn. With its clean, simple lines and simulated walnut veneer, the LPW40wn has an easy elegance that’s very appealing. Add the sleek, black carbon-fiber tonearm and you have a turntable that certainly doesn’t look like it costs […]

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The Big, Friendly Sound Of Audio-Technica’s M50xBT

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett Headphones make me nervous. Whenever I wear an over-the-ear model in public, I feel like I’m being followed by a parade of murderous freaks and rabid bears, all of them just waiting until “Running On Empty” ends so they can cut me in half. But maybe that’s just me, because headphones […]

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New AT-LP120XUSB Has More Going For It Than Extra Letters

For a decade, the Audio-Technica LP120 has been among the world’s most popular entry-level turntables, enticing freshly-addicted vinyl users with its classic looks and appealing features. But it has been put to sleep — mercifully, some cranks would argue — and replaced by the AT-LP120XUSB. The new model is meant to be strictly for home […]

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DJs Bringing Their Gems To Crate Diggers Brighton

Crate Diggers Brighton

Our largest Crate Diggers Record Fair to date, Crate Diggers Brighton, is coming up May 11! The Brighton Centre will be home for a day to record sellers and collectors from all over the UK – and a few from mainland Europe. It’s all about thanking the Discogs community and celebrating record culture together, so […]

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Audio-Technica’s VM95 Cartridges Have Something For Everyone

The AT-VM95 is Audio-Technica’s newest line of consumer level phono cartridges. The major advantage of this cartridge line is the compatibility with any of the VM95 replacement styli. That means upgrading is as easy as swapping the stylus. Each cartridge utilizes Audio-Technica’s dual moving magnet design, which has been honed through the decades. The body […]

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After 10 Years, The AT-LP120 Is Still The Best Bang For Your Turntable Buck

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Turntable

By Jeffrey Lee Puckett Choosing vinyl as a way of life means making a lot of decisions, from which turntable to buy to which pressing of Abbey Road sounds more like 1969. For many, the turntable part is easy: The Audio-Technica LP120. Even a cursory tour through vinyl-related forums will turn up endless mentions of […]

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