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A Guide to the Modern Music of Indigenous Australia

vinyl record closeup blue pink

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that the following article contains images and voices of people who have died. The songs of a culture that spans back some 50,000 years or more. The passing on of ancient stories, narratives of modern struggles and protest, the sounds of joy and pain. This is the […]

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6 Digging Spots You Can’t Miss In Melbourne

 Melbourne (population 5 million), known for its amazing selection of food and coffee, AFL (a strange game where people in the smallest shorts imaginable kick an egg-shaped ball around a giant egg-shaped park) and general quality of life, may not be the capital city of Australia, it isn’t even the biggest… but when it […]

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What’s The Best New Digging Hotspot In Sydney?


 Sydney has seen a lot of changes in regards to record stores over the past decade, but right now it’s looking like the city’s vinyl specialist stores are once again growing in numbers… especially in Newtown and Enmore, located conveniently in the Inner West of Sydney. All within a short walking distance from each […]

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