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SPIN On The Sister-Sites: Submission Stats

Filmogs VHS collection

Discogs September Pledge Initiative is an annual submission drive to document and catalog as many music releases throughout month as possible, ultimately pushing towards Discogs goal to catalog every release in the world (you can read more about Discogs’ SPIN results here). This goal also extends to all of Discogs’ newer sister-sites: Bookogs, Gearogs, Comicogs, […]

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Banned Book Week: Revisit These Iconic Banned Books

Famous Banned Book: Brave New World

Banned Books Week was founded by the ALA (American Library Association) in 1982 in response to a sudden surge of challenges against books. It started as a way to highlight and protest book censorship and supporting the freedom to read. Every year, the OIF (Office of Intellectual Freedom) compiles the most challenged books to inform the […]

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Bookogs Mid-Year Review: Most Wanted & Collected

Most wanted book in the Bookogs database

Remember the start of 2018? So many resolutions – we were going to start eating right, working out, cataloging our whole collections… A few of these have gone out the window, but adding stuff to the database is infinitely easier than eating salad and donning trainers. So now that we’re officially past the mid-point of […]

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Competitive Collecting Is A Real Thing: Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you ever looked at your collection and thought, “Damn, I’m so good at this, someone should give me a prize.” Of course, there’s more to being a collector than just amassing stuff. A collector goes to great pains (and takes great pleasure) tracking down, acquiring, organizing, categorizing, cataloging, displaying, protecting and preserving whatever it […]

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How Many Books Are There In The World?

TL;DR – we can’t say exactly how many books there are in the world (though estimates are around 140ish million), but we’d like to catalog every single one in the Bookogs database. Hey, remember Bookogs – Discogs‘ scrappy little cousin? As Discogs is in its 18th year and has just hit the big 10 million releases […]

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Wax Poetic: Poetry Books By Your Favorite Musicians

Poetry books by musicians: Hard Ground by Tom Waits

This post is brought to you by Bookogs database and marketplace for books and magazines. Buy and sell books. Track your book collection. Save books to your Wantlist. Contribute to the growing archive of books. If you thought poetry was just for the wine-swilling, name-dropping, Ivy-League elites, think again – it’s for plebs like us […]

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Physical Media is King: Make The Most Of Your Collection

Discogs add to collection

Remember how we all quit buying CDs, cassettes, records, DVDs, and books in favor of MP3s and eBooks because they were cheap and easily available? Us neither. Sure, we were wooed by the promise of new technology, the cost-savings, the convenience. We even dabbled with digital formats a little ourselves. But there was always something missing. […]

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The Best Records Based On Books & Comics: Staff Picks

Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ narrative was borrowed from Emily Brontë. The charming devil The Rolling Stones give their sympathy to stepped straight off the pages of Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master And Margarita’. And Gary Numan probably questioned whether friends are in fact electric because of Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’. These are just some […]

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The Bookogs Marketplace is here! Start Selling Books Online

Starting today, you can sell paperbacks, hardbacks, magazines, journals and other written collectables in the Marketplace Beta at And even better, you can sell your books for free on Bookogs! There’s no seller fees* for a limited time. With over 30,000 books now added to the database including freshman English class favorites like To […]

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