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How the DIY Cassette Movement of the 1970s and ‘80s Changed Music Forever

diy cassette culture

The compact cassette was revolutionary. Its size and packaging made it ideal for on-the-go listening, but the convenience of cassettes didn’t stop there. Cassette recorders empowered artists to record and duplicate their own work, eliminating the need for expensive recording sessions and record label support. Introduced in 1963, the compact cassette was originally designed for […]

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10 Most Iconic Boomboxes of All Time

the most iconic boomboxes

There are few things more iconic than the boombox. The boombox bridged the gap between the home stereo and the walkman and it did it with style. You could bring one with you everywhere you went and blast your music through a set of powerful speakers instead of being limited to a pair of headphones. […]

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The Most Wanted Cassettes of All Time

most wanted cassettes 2021

It’s been over 40 years since the first Sony Walkman was available to consumers in Japan. Finally, there was a way to listen to music on the go! (Although carrying a stack of cassettes and spare batteries was still a bit of a hassle.) Cassettes have not experienced the same resurgence in popularity that vinyl […]

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The Most Collected Cassettes of All Time

most collected cassettes 2021

There are now more than 14 million releases cataloged in the Discogs Database. Over 1 million of them are cassettes. The classic tape is not as sought-after as vinyl, but the format is experiencing a resurgence in popularity recently thanks to reissues, new releases, and legendary originals. The following list of the most collected cassettes […]

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On an Endless Loop: Tracking the Cassette Renaissance in 2021

tracking the cassette renaissance

The cassette never went away. According to National Audio Company (the largest audio cassette manufacturer in the US), the need for cassettes continued throughout the ‘90s and 2000s as there was still a demand for spoken word tapes. As cassettes were originally produced for dictation, this is where we began to see the tape come […]

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The Art of the Mixtape: How to Make Your Own Analog Playlist

art of the mixtape

Long before the streaming playlist rose to power, the mixtape reigned supreme. Curating the right songs, recording them to cassette, and lining them up just right was a true labor of love. For the more ambitious mixtape maker, the job was not complete until each cassette had cover art that matched the sonic brilliance within. […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Cassette Week 2021

cassette week 2021

Cassette Week is an annual celebration of all things cassettes organized by Tapehead City, an online shop based out of New York. This well-loved and important format was a pivotal piece of music technology in the 1970s and ’80s but has also experienced a resurgence in recent years. Cassette culture is powered by a community […]

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Discogs Top 20 Most Wanted Cassettes Of All Time

Taking a break from records for a little bit to post about another format! Tapes are back, sorta! It’s no surprise that given the cost of making new records these days that cassettes would rear their head again for independent musicians. Here we have the most wanted cassettes in the database today. Some of these […]
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