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A Definitive Guide to the Distinct Eras of The Doobie Brothers

doobie brothers

The Doobie Brothers, like so many classic rock acts, are easy to take for granted. For the past 50 years, the band has always seemed to be there. They’re a mainstay of the summer concert schedule and should be on the road right now to celebrate their golden anniversary if not for the pandemic. Too, […]

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Who Is Rainbow? Looking Back at 45 Years of Ritchie Blackmore’s Ever-Evolving Band

rainbow band debut album 45th anniversary

One of my earliest memories of MTV was seeing Joe Lynn Turner fronting Rainbow for the video of “Stone Cold.” Clad in a leather jacket, sporting a dark mane, and staring down the camera with confidence, he sang an atmospheric ballad of faded love and disillusionment while masked women circled him in front of a […]

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10 Songs by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green You Need to Hear

peter green

When Fleetwood Mac proclaimed in 1977 that they’d “never break the chain,” one of their links was stranded in the past: Peter Green. His absence still haunts the band. “I’d always get people in the hotel room on tour and say, ‘Now I want you to hear Peter Green,’” their drummer Mick Fleetwood said in […]

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A Love Letter to CCR’s Cosmo’s Factory at 50 Years Old

ccr cosmos factory

One Saturday when I was a kid, my mom dragged me to a department store. She probably promised me a new comic book. As she shopped in the Exasperated Single Mothers section, I wandered away and started crawling through racks of clothes. I didn’t realize we were near the record department, which had an old-school […]

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AC/DC Has Been Back in Black for 40 Years

acdc back in black 40th anniversary

Death has cast a long shadow over rock and roll. Many famous bands disbanded for years or permanently after an iconic member passed away. Some reunited but rarely if ever recorded new music. Following the death of their exuberant frontman Bon Scott in early 1980, the shocked and saddened members of AC/DC were unsure of […]

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Fleetwood Mac’s Self-Titled Album Was Testament of a Band Reborn

fleetwood mac 45th aniversary

It’s hard to convey just how little anyone cared that Fleetwood Mac was releasing another record in 1975. Not that the band wasn’t popular, kind of. It had its fans but had also changed its lineup nine times since forming in 1967 and completely altered its original sound. Fleetwood Mac ‎– Fleetwood Mac (1975) Those […]

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Neil Young’s Long-Lost Homegrown Is His Most Empathetic Breakup Album

neil young homegrown release

Neil Young began writing songs from a me-first perspective and has spent his long career growing out of it. His first Buffalo Springfield track as a 21-year-old began with the disgruntled complaint “Hey, who’s that stomping all over my face?” Meanwhile, the closing track on Young’s 2019 album Colorado is a two-way street: “I know […]

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Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms At 35


Dire Straits was an incredibly successful band by any standard in the spring of 1985, but still fell somewhere short of being a household name. Mark Knopfler and company had released four studio albums, all of which had done well and generated an impressive amount of acclaim. But record labels were at the top of […]

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How Black Sabbath Was Reborn Through Heaven and Hell

Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell 40th

In 1979, Black Sabbath was in dire straits. The famed heavy metal pioneers from Birmingham, England had been struggling to make new music with their drug-addled frontman Ozzy Osbourne. After dismissing him from their ranks in April following a disappointing album (Never Say Die) and their 10th-anniversary tour, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist/lyricist Geezer Butler, and […]

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McCartney At 50

Because The Beatles remain so present in popular culture, it’s easy to forget how the band was once more like omnipresent. The Beatles essentially were pop culture for tens of millions of fans. And in April of 1970, those fans had their worlds shattered when the press release accompanying Paul McCartney’s first solo album, McCartney, […]

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