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How Judas Priest Bridged Heavy Metal’s Past and Future In 1980 With The Classic British Steel

British Steel 40th Anniversary

Article by Eduardo Rivadavia When Judas Priest unveiled their sixth studio album, British Steel, on April 14, 1980 – hence 40 years ago, already! – heavy metal found itself at a true historical tipping point, or, if we take the album’s striking cover art at face value: on a razor’s edge. Judas Priest ‎– British Steel […]

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Iron Maiden at 40: Birth Of The Beast

Article by Bryan Reesman and Gail Flug. An internationally known music journalist, Gail has had articles, reviews, and columns published in various publications, including RAW, Hit Parader, Creem, FMQB, Rip, Faces, Metal Hammer, and Metal Maniacs. Nineteen eighty was a landmark year for heavy metal. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal was in full […]

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How I Became A Rush Fan By Accident


In 2011, I was on assignment to cover Rush’s gig at what was then Sleep Country Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Washington, a town about 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. I was a nascent fan of heavy rock and prog, the two genres foundational to Rush‘s sound, but largely thought the concert would be a lark—something […]

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David Bowie’s “Young Americans” At 45


1975: A Year Of Drastic Changes In Bowie’s Sound Who was David Bowie in 1975? An amorphous, androgynous rock god born of space-age fever dreams? A confused and increasingly cocaine-fueled man thrust into a bright international spotlight? A fiercely devoted music lover moved by the spirit who just wanted to share something good? When Young […]

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The Genesis of Peter Gabriel: Celebrating 70 Years


Peter Gabriel turned 70 on February 13th and has spent nearly all of those years as a catalyst, innovator, and instigator, beginning with co-founding Genesis at the ridiculous age of 17. He continues to tour and make music, although he does both at a pace that’s agonizingly slow for fans — his last album of […]

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Jeff Lynne’s From Out Of Nowhere

With a successful recent arena tour and now a new album, the Electric Light Orchestra is back in the public consciousness in a way that transcends nostalgia, although that certainly plays a role. Anyone who grew up listening to Out Of The Blue is clearly psyched to once again be living in Jeff Lynne’s world.  […]

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