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The 100 Most Expensive CDs Ever Sold on Discogs

most expensive cds on discogs 2021

What’s the most money you’ve forked over for a CD? These lovable silver discs can go for as much as $20 for a new album, but some collectors are dropping a lot more than that on desirable CDs and treasured box sets. And by “a lot,” we mean over $1,000. Below is a ranking of […]

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The 100 Most Expensive Cassettes Ever Sold on Discogs

most expensive cassettes ever sold

Cassettes are making a comeback. No, really. Vinyl as a way of collecting and sharing music is beyond novelty in 2021. Now, the very tangible return of cassettes to the mainstream is fueled by one-part nostalgia and one-part affordability. Unlike their waxy counterparts, cassettes are pretty cheap to produce (as an artist) and purchase (as a […]

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The Top 50 Best-Selling Records on Discogs in December 2020

best selling december 2020

Take a closer look at the best-selling records on Discogs and you’ll see some interesting trends among the albums that our Community is collecting. Our regular roundup is determined by how many purchases were made in the Marketplace each month. In October, every single record on the best-selling list was a Record Store Day 2020 […]

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The Most Desirable Releases of 2020 According to the Discogs Community

most desirable releases 2020

Rather than looking at the most-wanted releases on Discogs, we want to go a bit deeper. Instead, we’re surfacing some rare finds hunted by the more adventurous music seekers in the Discogs Community.   This is not a simple list of records enjoyed by music fans or those releases you’ve been meaning to get into […]

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The Highest-Rated Releases of 2020 by the Discogs Community

highest rated releases 2020

If we were forced to give 2020 a rating, we would rate it nothing higher than 1/5. Who wants to argue? Didn’t think so.   And the only reason it gets 1 and not 0 is because at least we had music to help us through. Praise sweet baby Prince — we still had the […]

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When Album Covers Become Collectible Art

album cover collectible art

Some of the most iconic images of the 20th century can be found on album cover art, from the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to the stark minimalism of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. What constitutes a classic album cover is, of course down to personal taste, but many collectors frame albums on their wall, […]

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5 Korean Holy Grails Chosen by Record Collectors

holy grail record

Music from all countries existed for a long time as its own original culture. While the music of a certain time may not have been special to contemporaries, it can evolve into a valuable heritage for future generations. Just like the psychedelic rock of Korea from the 1960-70s, Korean music from the golden days is […]

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The Most Popular Soundtracks in Christopher Nolan Movies

most popular soundtracks christopher nolan movies

Depending on whether your love of movies can match your love of vinyl, it may surprise you to know that Christopher Nolan has only directed 11 feature-length films. Considering the success of the acclaimed director, best-known for the Christian Bale-led Batman trilogy and sci-fit hits such as Interstellar and Inception, it’s hard to believe that […]

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The Brave New (Old) World of Cutting Vinyl on a Lathe

american vinyl co lathe 10 inch

When I was younger, I always wanted to have my own record shop (or my own vintage clothing store, if truth be told). It seemed like the ultimate dream job: be around music and music lovers all day long while having the opportunity to debate and solve such long-disputed quandaries as Roth Vs. Hagar. And […]

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Dave Lee’s First 7 Records: The Foundation of Z Records

dave lee artist

“People say I first heard Larry Levan play it. I first heard it in Boots, Colchester” A true originator and statesman of the United Kingdom’s house and disco scene for over three decades, Dave Lee celebrates 30 years of his label, Z Records, in 2020. All this time, he has been producing seminal singles, remixing, […]

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