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8 Bands Who Have Taken On The Comic Universe

Some of music’s larger-than-life ideas, concepts, and characters can’t be contained in just one medium; they demand a visual form as well. Where better than on the pages of comics? Some music genres seem to be more predisposed to the comic crossover than others. Heavy metal and comics share plenty in common – from over-the-top […]

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RECKATZ: Your New Favorite Comic About Collecting Records

Reckatz comic about collecting records

Reckatz is the comic by a record collector for record collectors about record collectors. Some of the situations depicted in Reckatz feel eerily familiar, to the point where you’ll be wondering if artist/author, Tim Schulze Dieckhoff has been tailing you. From explaining your new record haul to a disinterested partner, convincing said partner you love […]

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Physical Media is King: Make The Most Of Your Collection

Discogs add to collection

Remember how we all quit buying CDs, cassettes, records, DVDs, and books in favor of MP3s and eBooks because they were cheap and easily available? Us neither. Sure, we were wooed by the promise of new technology, the cost-savings, the convenience. We even dabbled with digital formats a little ourselves. But there was always something missing. […]

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The Best Records Based On Books & Comics: Staff Picks

Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ narrative was borrowed from Emily Brontë. The charming devil The Rolling Stones give their sympathy to stepped straight off the pages of Mikhail Bulgakov’s ‘The Master And Margarita’. And Gary Numan probably questioned whether friends are in fact electric because of Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’. These are just some […]

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Start Selling Comics on Comicogs! New Marketplace Launched

selling comics on Comicogs

Last week we launched the Bookogs Marketplace to sell books. This week it’s Comicogs! Our second Marketplace in two weeks has launched and today, you can start selling comics. And like our other recently launched Marketplaces, there is no seller fee* for a limited time. Comicogs is a worldwide, community-built open source comics database for comic collectors […]

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