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Crate Minds: Soundman_2016

Crate Minds - Soundman_2016

The story of how Heiner Kost is back to selling records is truly heartwarming. After devoting a lifetime to music, he had to close his brick and mortar shop by the turn of the millennium due to the loss of popularity of physical formats. After many years, he’s back at selling with a little help […]

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Have-A-Break: Crate Minds


As most of our readers know, Crate Minds is a recurring series where we highlight Sellers from all over the world with a spotless trajectory at Discogs. Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Have-A-Break, a German online record store specializing in Drum & Bass and Jungle. When looking for new records or hunting […]

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Going Underground Records: Crate Minds

Going Underground Records

As most of our readers know, Crate Minds is a recurring series where we highlight Sellers from all over the world with a spotless trajectory at Discogs. While some days we bring you Sellers covering more general areas, today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Going Underground Records, a Seller specializing in punk […]

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Crate Minds: Global Groove Records

Global Groove Records

The Seller that we introduce you to today needs no introduction at all. But, here we go: Global Groove Records is one of our Top 10 European Sellers. Their reputation as the go-to record store for DJs and electronic music lovers from all over the world is beyond solid. Global Groove Records operates both online […]

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Crate Minds: Handsome Zack’s Records

Handsome Zack's Records

If you are into electronic music, chances are high that you might know our latest interviewee: Matt Caulder. And if his name doesn’t ring the bell, probably Handsome Zack’s Records does. Named after his first cat (awwwwww), Matt had a previous career in retail but when record selling became more than a hobby, he chose to […]

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Crate Minds: Brighton Vinyl Finds

Brighton Vinyl Finds

If you happen to live, or have recently visited the beautiful city of Brighton, you are sure to know about Brighton Vinyl Finds. With a Discogs Inventory of ~40,000 records that seems to never stop growing, this is definitely a shop where you can easily find whatever you might be looking for. Brighton Vinyl Finds […]

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Crate Minds: Satellite Records

Satellite Records

I am finding it difficult to write this introduction to Satellite Records. How am I supposed to put in a few words what this interview was about? We were lucky to get a chance to sit down with Sean Hartman, the store manager of this delightful record shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His endless wisdom about […]

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Crate Minds: Demonfuzz Records

Demonfuzz Records

With a Discogs inventory far over 70,000 records and a selection that crosses over all genres, the name of Rotterdam based Demonfuzz Records rings a bell for music lovers all around the world. From their shop at the Nieuwe Binnenweg, Mike and Erwin have been shipping out thousands of orders in the last few years. […]

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Crate Minds: Derek See Music

Derek See has spent a lifetime surrounded by music. He grew up in a musical household, with both his mother and stepfather being musicians. As a kid, his mother gave him a bunch of 45’s and his uncle gave him some psychedelic records when he was barely in kindergarten. During his formative years, he spent […]

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Crate Minds: House Of Vinyl

Keith Matthews has been involved in music for a lifetime. He has been working for other record shops, record labels, he has DJed all around the world, he has been a promoter and a band manager… As you can see, Keith goes beyond and above the average aficionado. Keith has used his experience in the different […]

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