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Ten Influential Bands And Artists From Florida

We took some time to dive into music made by bands from Florida because there is much more to the Sunshine State than Key Lime pies, alligators, manatees, Disney, oranges and beaches. We couldn’t list everybody, but these are ten of the most influential bands and musicians from Florida. Unlike the notorious Florida Man meme, these […]

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Behind The Curtain: Meet 3 Contributors Preserving Non-Digital Formats

Ever wondered how all the trillions of data points that make up the Discogs Database got there? Discogs is entirely built from voluntary contributions. Over the past 18 years over 430,000 people have tried their hand at adding and editing information on Discogs. The result is a digital archive of over 10 million releases, 80 […]

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The Hairy Underbelly: When Disambiguation Fails

Discogs is an incredible archive of music from all around the world. What’s most incredible is the level of detail available on every page. The casual 21st century web user probably never thinks about how all that information gets there. In fact it’s often hard work. Sometimes it gets ugly… This guest series, written by […]

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Top 100 Discogs Contributors By Volume Of Submissions ‘Collected’

Every time you add a Release to the Discogs Database you’re helping build the largest database of music that has ever existed. Building a cultural archive of the history of music is obviously really important, but it can be difficult to measure the impact of adding something to the archive – especially if it’s considered ‘obscure’. […]

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SPIN 2018 Wrap Up

What a month… Last Sunday marked the final day of SPIN 2018. The Discogs Database Community have been hard at work making new submissions to the Database, editing old ones and adding images to Release pages. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what happened. ———— With the aim of creating an archive that preserves the full […]

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What’s It Like To Be A Professional Record Collector? Ask Marc Janssen


While looking into Motown collections a while back, I came across a photograph of a complete collection of Motown LPs which had been exhibited at a previous edition of the Utrecht Mega Record and CD Fair. I found out that the collection was owned by Dutch record collector, Marc Janssen. It turned out that most of the images […]

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Data Dig: History Of Recorded Music (According To Discogs)

History of Music

On June 27 this year Discogs hit a historic milestone: 10 million Releases in the Database. With that many Releases we know the Database is complete and comprehensive in some areas, which makes it possible for us to get a full understanding of some of the histories buried in recorded music. But we also know […]

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Madonna At 60: From “Madonna” To “Rebel Heart”


If, like me, you grew up in the 80s, Madonna will more than likely have a special place in your heart. An unstoppable trailblazer since the first decade of her career, she brought the underground overground, and she’s the reason concepts such as Vogue are known worldwide. While many 80’s artists were old-fashioned by the […]

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Where Are The Gaps In The Discogs Database?

For the 2018 S.P.IN Campaign we want to focus less on overall submissions and more on filling known gaps in the Discogs Database. Right now we want your input on where those gaps are and what’s possible to fill. There’s already a conversation underway in this Forum Thread, you can add your input there! I’ve been […]

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Tracing The History Of Discogs

A few weeks ago, Discogs celebrated a major milestone that was eighteen years in the making: ten million releases in the database. While our mission to build and maintain the world’s largest music Database and Marketplace is an eternal endeavor, it’s important to take some time to reflect on the past. From its humble beginnings as a […]

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