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Discogs Is Rolling Out a New and Improved Master Release Page

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Master Release pages in the Discogs Database compile all possible versions of a piece of music. The Master Release can be a gateway to finding the specific record, box set, CD, or cassette you want. This year, Discogs is rolling out improvements to the Database, which include a new way to search for releases from […]

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The Biggest Highlights of the Discogs Database in 2020

database submission 2020 recap

Goodbye and good riddance to 2020! Here we are now with whatever vague hopefulness we might have felt at the beginning of the year now just a distant memory. I’ll save all the pablum about the pandemic and general mayhem that took place in 2020 and cut right to the chase: Discogs contributors found the […]

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New Release Submissions Drop Following Supply Chain Disruptions

So far the 2000s edition of the roaring 20s has been anything but. The effects of the pandemic have been wide-reaching, touching nearly everything you can think of. The music world is no exception. For the past few years, the Discogs Database has indicated a steady increase in the volume of new releases put out […]

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You Don’t Have To Have Releases To Get Involved With The Database

With many of us stuck inside for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to get involved with the Discogs Database. Sure, some of you are seasoned pros who don’t need tips, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to dive into the database properly, here’s a guide to help you get […]

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A Record Week Of Database Submissions, Thanks To The Discogs Community

Hi all! As we get through these challenging times, I want to share some good news with you. The last two weeks (March 16-29) have been the biggest weeks ever for contributions to the Discogs Database! Last week’s numbers show that the Discogs Community have broken all previous records; 34,716 new releases submitted to Discogs […]

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Discogs Database Status and 2019 Submission Insights

We are near the end of the 2019 S.P.IN. submission drive. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Don’t forget to check out the total number of submissions, leaderboard, and recent submissions here. You can see the positive impact of S.P.IN. on driving more submissions below. However, there have been fewer submissions in 2019 compared to […]

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S.P.IN. 2019 Halfway Report

We are already halfway through the Discogs September Pledge Initative (S.P.IN.). After 15 days, we are about 40% of the way to the lofty goal of saving 150,000 releases in the Database. You can find the current submission tally, latest submissions, and the top 10 contributors for the month on the 2019 S.P.IN. leaderboard page. […]

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Interview With The Top Ambient And Drone Contributor On Discogs

At the top of u/Andi242’s profile, you will find lyrics from Kraftwerk’s song “Antenne”: Wir richten Antennen ins Firmament, empfangen die Töne, die niemand kennt. This roughly translates to, We direct antennas into the sky, receive the sounds nobody knows. You would be hard-pressed to find a better representation of the pioneering work of this […]

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Interview With The Top Contributor Of Heavy Metal on Discogs

During this year’s annual S.P.IN submission drive, we are talking to some of the most prolific contributors to the Discogs Database. We reached out to some highly-specialized contributors, such as u/heavymetalmuseum. As his username implies, he is a Heavy Metal connoisseur who sits at the top of the list for Heavy Metal submissions on Discogs. […]

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Help Discogs Preserve Music History

September at Discogs means S.P.IN, the September Pledge INitiative: our annual drive to fill Discogs with Releases not yet in the Database. This year, we are attempting to add 150,000 new Releases to the Database. The Discogs mission is to make the world’s biggest and most comprehensive music database: a site with discographies of all […]

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