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Fave 5 – K-Def

Welcome to the first in an occasional artist spotlight series: Fave 5, where we’ll be checking out a quick rundown of five favorite records in a recording artist’s collection. Setting off the series is one of the unsung heroes of the Hip-Hop production world: K-Def. Hailing from New Jersey, getting his start under the tutelage […]

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Records Don’t Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving

So, as some of you may have heard (probably very little), I and my 12,000 records have moved. Aside from the regular joys of moving like changing addresses and discovering nobody delivers pizza after 10PM at the new location, there is the simple issue of records. The first thing to do is to figure out […]

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Oddball Ephemeral Spoken Seven Inches

I don’t really have much of a greater educational agenda with this blog post aside from sharing one of my favorite types of record to collect: Oddball ephemeral spoken seven inch records. Backstage At “Call Me Madam” This promotional release in 1951 by RCA Victor is a field recording of the backstage performance of this […]

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Coin Operator: A Brief Overview Of Jukebox Mini-Albums

Back in February, I went in with a few other dealers on a collection of 20,000 7″ records. As it turns out, a good majority of these came from a defunct Jukebox distrobution company in upstate New York. While a good majority of these records were common crud, a few boxes were full of strange […]

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Field Notes: A Few Recent Finds

This past month has been good for me for records. I’d like to share some of the more interesting finds recently as things to look out for in the field. The Bass & McFitz – Wine Around This Barbados originated cover of House Of Pain’s Jump Around really speaks for itself. The beat is strong […]

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EMI In The Netherlands: Gramophone House

Gramphone House Bovema

When I talked to my dad about my visit to Record Industry in Haarlem, he asked me if I had heard of Gramophone House. I hadn’t, so he told me about this villa in Heemstede that is called Gramophone House. I looked it up and thought it was worth researching it a bit as the […]

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Cheaping Out: Budget Label Exploitation Releases

Why spend time and effort hunting down unique talent when you can ride the coat-tails of what’s trending? This is the general thought process that seemed to go into Cash-In/Exploitation records put out by Budget labels. For the most part, these releases are not very interesting inept covers of popular songs kept closely to the […]

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Recorded From Client’s Furnished Tape: Century, RPC and Mark

With the relatively recent release of the book Enjoy The Experience, there has been some renewed interest in privately pressed records. In the glory days of record pressing, one used to be able to send a tape off to a company and have returned a full pressing of sometimes as a handful of records. The […]

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Cylinders: More Than A Series Of Tubes

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been flooding the databases with cylinder recordings. I figured I would take some time to bring everyone in on what I’ve been working on and what I’ve learned so that if you see any in the field or if you have a collection yourself that you’re trying […]

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Music Trivia– 9/6

Whose debut album was Incunabula? A:Autechre What year was Sonic Youth’s Bad moon Rising released? A: 1985 What band released the following albums? Spleen and Ideal Within the Realm of a Dying Sun The Serpent’s Egg A: Dead Can Dance Which war did BB King serve in? A: WWII Who is Richard David James? A: […]

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