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Music Trivia– 9/6

Whose debut album was Incunabula? A:Autechre What year was Sonic Youth’s Bad moon Rising released? A: 1985 What band released the following albums? Spleen and Ideal Within the Realm of a Dying Sun The Serpent’s Egg A: Dead Can Dance Which war did BB King serve in? A: WWII Who is Richard David James? A: […]

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Music Trivia–8/30

What music competition did Of Monsters and Men win in 2010? A:Músíktilraunir What is the Boards of Canada alias? A: Hell Interface What was Triggerfinger’s first Dutch chart hit? A: Lykke Li’s pop hit “I Follow Rivers” When Crosby, Stills and Nash started out, they were initially known as? A:The Frozen Noses Who was the […]

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Music From Childhood: The Point!

There are albums from my childhood that I will treasure for all of time. I don’t know about you, but I find I have an instant appreciation for those who have listened to and loved the same albums from yesteryears as I have. The Point! by Harry Nilsson is one of those albums for me. […]

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Sort your Wantlist and Collection by Date Added

For a good long while now, we have been asked for the ability to sort your Wantlist and Collection by the date you added it to each list. We heard you. And our very own Corey agreed with you. Thus, he has made it so. Check out your Wantlist or Collection. Then click Added to […]

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Grading Tips Part I: Lighting

Grading Tips

This is the first on a series of posts I’ll be doing on grading to help give some of the tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years to help you help your customers help us all! Today’s subject is light sources. I generally recommend that a higher lumen desk lamp, preferably halogen or compact […]

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Copy To Draft And You: Partners In Freedom

I created an updated version of this which combined the master release process as well, which is available here. Today I’d like to discuss a great timesaver that will allow you to use existing releases as templates to allow you to quickly generate variations of releases that are currently in the database! Say you have the CD/Tape/8-Track/MP3/Wire […]

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Search Improvements

Hi, all! We’ve just rolled out some major upgrades to our search engine. Better results Our priority lately has been improving the relevance of search results and making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Like the Explore page, the new search allows you to refine your results by genre, style, and […]

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Discogs Marketplace Quick Lister

Today we’re announcing a new listing interface for selling items in the Discogs Marketplace, that we’ve been calling the “quick lister”. It allows you to search for an item you want to sell, find the correct item, view sales history, see how many people want and have the item, then complete the listing all on […]

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Profile of a Contributor: Diognes_The_Fox

Tell us about yourself: I signed up Jan 09, 2005 as Diognes_The_Fox. I am a fulltime record collector, digger, DJ, sample-based/experimental music maker and overall dork. :D How did you first discover Discogs? I actually started using the site for I believe possibly a year before I actually joined. I was using it to help […]

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New Discogs Office / We’re Hiring!

Last month we moved from our relatively small office into a much larger space, allowing us room to grow. We thought you might like to see some pictures we took shortly after moving in and getting a few desks set up. Speaking of growing… We’re looking for a few more bright and talented people to […]

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