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Introducing ‘Tracks’ Pages for Artists on Discogs

Ever wanted to see all the tracks from a single artist on one page? To see all your favourite artist’s tracks you don’t have in your collection? To find a track you want on a specific format? Now you can. We’ve been working on a suite of new features to help surface more information about […]

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10 Million Releases on Discogs!

10,000,000 unique Releases in the Discogs database 🎉! In 2018 it seems totally normal that you can just hop online and find every release from pretty much every artist you can think of. Or  find out whether your copy of a record is valuable or not by comparing the matrix runout on yours with what […]

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10 Unique Records in the Discogs Database

From the garish to the alluring, records come in all shapes, sizes and (sometimes) smells with artists and labels alike constantly trying to one-up each other. While some of the more cynical types may view these unique records as nothing more than cheap marketing ploys, we like to think of them more as extensions of […]

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Help The Discogs Database Reach 9m Releases in September!

The Discogs September Pledge Initiative aims to save forgotten vinyl records and collectible items

September is here, and that means the September Pledge Initiative is underway! Start submitting records to the Discogs database and preserve music history! The database is the very heart and soul of Discogs. Our mission is to create the biggest and most comprehensive database of music releases and recordings from every corner of the world. […]

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I Died Contributing VHS Tapes In A Sweltering Warehouse And Am Now A GHOST

Does the Discogs submission form still work if you’re also no longer living and are also clearly a ghost? Who knows. In our series centering on Fox subjecting himself to awful conditions in the name of data entry and Discogs submissions, we continue our story. How is it thursday. How did I do 105 subs […]

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Music Sales in 2017: Discogs Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & Database Highlights

Neisen vs. Discogs Music Sales Analysis header 2017

Can you believe we’re already past the midpoint of 2017? That means it’s time for us to crack open our books and reveal the data we’ve collected from the Discogs Database and Marketplace for a better look at music sales in 2017 and Discogs’ growth. And, once again, we’re comparing some of our numbers to the […]

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Our 10 Favorite George Michael Songs

George Michael ‎– A Different Corner

Today, the 25th of June, marks George Michael‘s birthday, and exactly 6 months since the world lost this multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Reflecting on his career, my colleague Shannon and I realised we were both in our early teens when “Faith” was released and were heavily influenced by his music. We also feel George […]

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Plunderphonics Producers: How Do You Organize Your Sample Records?

I need to know. The more records I have, the harder it is to get my thoughts together. It’s an issue that’s rooted in both physical organization and how I catalog notes in my collection on the site. This has been an ongoing project for years, longer than me being a member of this website. […]

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What I Did (And Records I Bought) On My Spring Vacation: Part 2

Check out Part 1 of what I did on my spring vacation here! No notes were taken on Sunday, the day of the record show. The following is scribed together from notes from the day following and from scraps of information we have that survived. I have something of an awful tradition. What you got […]

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Top 20 Most Wanted Totally Canadian Records (And Tape)

In light of our recent announcement of bringing Crate Diggers Record Fair to Canada, I thought I might provide some of the most wanted Canadian records on offer. I built this list by looking at the most wanted Canadian-only releases. These are defined as releases from Canada that do not share a master release with a version […]

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