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Automate Your Orders Using Non-Paying Buyer Cancellation Settings

Sellers, Save Money On Unpaid Orders by Enabling the Automatic “Non-Paying Buyer” Cancellation Setting! We know, we know. It sounds like one of those late-night infomercials, right? Use this miracle product and it will save you time and earn you money! But this is the real deal! Just a few clicks of your mouse and […]

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Supported Languages & Translating Discogs

Supported Languages & Translating Discogs Hi, from Discogs Community Success! If you’ve never interacted with us, we’re the team that’s there to help you make the most of your Discogs experience, from browsing to collecting to selling and more. We don’t often reach out proactively to speak to the community, but we’re always looking for […]

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5 Ways To Delight Your Buyers


Actively working on delighting your Buyers is the difference between an OK Seller and a Superhero Seller. We mean it! At Discogs, many sales are driven by enthusiastic Buyers who recommend a specific Seller to fellow record collectors. Delighting your customers is more simple than it might seem and it will help to increase your […]

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Become A More Efficient Seller In One Single Step

Using the tools that Discogs provides Sellers is always a nice shortcut to avoid some of the more common transactional issues. It’s also a great way to avoid insane amounts of aspirin and costly anger management seminars. Using Discogs’ Seller tools is just good for you, trust us on this one. One of the most […]

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Grade Records Like A Vinyl Junkie

Hi Sellers! As you already know, grading records is a complex science – maybe not as complex as algebra – but you get what we mean. At Discogs, we are committed to helping you, in as many ways as possible, get your record grading right. That’s why our Database expert and jack-of-all-record-trades, Diognes_The_Fox, has been creating some […]

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Panic At The Discogs! Refunding Buyers Is Easy (If You Know How)

How to refund Discogs orders

We all love that feeling when an order goes perfectly smooth, don’t we? Unfortunately, this is not always possible because of the many factors that are involved in a successful experience. All Sellers have to be ready for the possibility of an unsatisfied customer, a lost package, or all sorts of natural disasters that might […]

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Use This Trick To Use An Existing Entry As A Template For Faster Contribution

Introduction Copy To Draft has been around for quite some time and is one of the most used features of the database. It’s pretty straight-forward: It takes the submission in question, makes a copy of it, and adds that copy to your drafts folder. Once you’ve hit the submit button and your release is in […]

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10 Things You’ll Need To Find When Making A Submission

I’m not going to lie, contributing to the database can be extremely hard. It can also be extremely easy. Your vinyl record, CD, tape, or what-have-you can have a lot of different information on it. If you’re getting started, this can seem very daunting. Fortunately, not all information is required to make a submission. I […]

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Discogs How To: What To Do If Your Order Hasn’t Arrived

New Order album cover, Lost Sirens

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of waiting for your Discogs order to arrive, but too long a wait can turn anticipation into anxiety. Nervous glances between the mailbox and calendar probably aren’t going to expedite the arrival of your records, CDs, or tapes, but hopefully the following tips will! What can you do if […]

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Discogs How To: What To Do If The Seller Isn’t Responding

We’re tackling some commonly asked questions among our community to help you get the most out of Discogs! Let us know if you have a burning issue we can cover for you, and remember our Community Success team is here to help at any time of the day or night! So you’ve found a record you […]

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