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Discogs Engineering Updates, June 15 – June 28 2017

Website Features We wrapped up the recommendations experiment we mentioned back in May and are now showing recommendations at the bottom of seller store profiles whenever possible! Started a new experiment: password strength indicators. Our XML dumps for releases now include the label ID for each release. The Discogs API now includes User-Agent in its […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, June 1 – June 14 2017

Website Features Submission form error updates: Released dates accepted a “00” month value in inappropriate cases Artist credit roles that are not in the list of approved credits will no longer be accepted; please see this forum thread for further discussion App: New Discogs App version released to our Android and iOS Beta Testers. Email […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, May 20 – May 31 2017

Website Features Slight tweaks to our previous experiment with providing recommendations to buyers on sellers’ stores, to incorporate items already in the buyer’s cart. Removed the loading turntable on the offers page for a small percentage of sellers Bug Fixes Performance improvements to the page that lists sellers’ Marketplace orders. Uploaded CSV files to the […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, May 4 – May 20 2017

Website Features Started an experiment with providing recommendations at the bottom of sellers’ store pages. This experiment shows some buyers recommended items for sale by the seller they are viewing, based on the buyer’s collection and/or Wantlist. Bug Fixes Small fixes to language and character counter in the “leave feedback” window. Corrected an issue with […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, April 20 – May 3 2017

The Beta Band album cover

Website Features Added a cover_image key to the Collection releases endpoint containing the URL for the full-size cover image. Added original_price and original_shipping_price keys to the Marketplace Listings endpoint to provide these prices in the listing’s original currency. Sellers will now see a preview of the Discogs fee for an item when listing it from the main […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, April 6 – April 19 2017

Website Features Accepting an offer in the marketplace no longer automatically redirects to the newly-created order; instead sellers are shown a message that allows them to visit the order if they would like, but stay and process more offers if needed. Previously, if buyers asked us to guess their currency based on location, Discogs would […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, March 24 – April 5 2017

Album cover of The Bug's London Zoo

Website Features Sellers in the Netherlands can now indicate their tracking numbers use PostNL to have the tracking number automatically linked to the PostNL tracking site. Updated our Record Store Day page for 2017! Submit a release with a release date of 2017-04-22 and put “Record Store Day” in the notes for it to appear […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, March 9 – March 23 2017

Features & Updates Added some detail to messages that buyers receive when offers on Marketplace items are declined. Occasionally, these declined offers are due to items being removed from the Marketplace – buyers will now be able to tell when this is the case, so they don’t misinterpret a declined offer as a refusal on […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, February 23 – March 8 2017

Discogs engineering bug fixes

Features & Updates Added mobile view and some light restyling to the page that enables Marketplace sellers to pay their bills via credit card. The tracking number input when marking Marketplace orders as shipped now allows sellers in the United States to optionally indicate a shipping company (USPS, UPS, or DHL). When provided, this will […]

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Discogs Engineering Updates, February 9 – February 22 2017

Engineering bug fixes

Discogs is focused on continuously improving to ensure you get the best experience when buying and selling records you love, and connecting with music-lovers across the globe. Here’s all latest engineering updates and fixes that have been implemented in the past week to make Discogs better than ever. Features & Updates Personal access tokens created in Developer […]

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