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Looking Back At Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats

Frank Zappa’s entire career was built on audacity. His first album, made as leader of The Mothers of Invention, was 1966’s Freak Out! It was among rock and roll’s first double albums, first concept albums and was its very first two-LP debut album. The guy came out of the gate swinging hard and with plenty […]

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The Rarest Frank Zappa Records

Zappa's Rarest Records - Zappa In New York

Just months after the Viking I Lander touched down on Mars and tiny Nadia Comaneci racked up seven perfect scores at the Montreal Olympics, something else momentous happened: Legendary experimentalist and contrarian Frank Zappa performed for a “cozy group of 27,500 deranged fanatics” between two shows in New York. After a lot of back and […]

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