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Why You Should Double-Sleeve Your Record Collection

woman bending down and pulling a record ou of a record sleeve

Accumulating, organizing, and maintaining a record collection can be quite the investment, but if you’re in it for the long haul, double-sleeving your records is the only way to go. Double-sleeving is the use of both protective inner and outer record sleeves. Inner sleeves house your vinyl and easily slide inside your record covers. Outer […]

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How to Achieve Your Quest for Pure Sound

Technics SL-1200G turntable

Some terms have been used countless times over the years to describe a quality of sound or technical component of home audio gear. Other terms join the audiophile lexicon as trusted brands develop new ways to take audio technology to the next level. Technics is known for their legendary turntables, but their team of experts […]

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What Are EQ Curves? Understand the Most Important Curves in Vinyl History

Technics SU-R1000 product image

For many music fans, EQ curves remain an abstract concept despite their importance in the world of vinyl records. Without EQ curves and standardization in the record industry, listening to vinyl would not be the same rewarding experience. To properly explain what EQ curves are, we must first understand what equalization (EQ) is and why […]

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What Is Sound Transparency and Why Is It Important?

Technics SB-G90M2 speakers in a home audio setting

Sound transparency is an elusive term that you hear audiophiles toss around often, but when you search for a definition online, answers are mostly limited to internet forums and conflicting opinions. Sifting through these conversations can be illuminating, but sometimes, all you want is a concise breakdown of what a term means and how it […]

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What Exactly Are Soundstage and Imaging?

Technics speaker and receiver

If you’ve ever peered into the never-ending rabbit hole that is home audio gear, you’ve probably seen a few terms thrown around that seem simple, but are ultimately a little unclear. “Soundstage” is commonly used in audio descriptions, but what is it exactly? With the help of the experts at Technics, Discogs is going to […]

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In Defense of the Automatic Turntable

Pro-Ject A1 Autmomatic Turntable Start Stop Dial

Automatic turntables and manual turntables have always been on opposing sides of a vinyl community rivalry. For some, the convenience of an auto-return tonearm is a luxury they can’t live without. For others, the deliberate act of dropping the needle in the correct groove makes them feel more deeply connected to the music they are […]

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5 Things Every Music Lover Should Do in 2022

woman listening to music headphones

Over the past few years, the home listening experience has taken on new importance and meaning. Records continue to be the music lover’s physical format of choice – vinyl recently saw the highest sales week since at least 1991. However, streaming services are still an integral part of everyday life, with the number of music […]

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10 Most Iconic Boomboxes of All Time

the most iconic boomboxes

There are few things more iconic than the boombox. The boombox bridged the gap between the home stereo and the walkman and it did it with style. You could bring one with you everywhere you went and blast your music through a set of powerful speakers instead of being limited to a pair of headphones. […]

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How Do I Archive and Preserve Rare Physical Media? This Hardware and Software Combo Can Help

archiving physical music

So, you’ve plunked down the money for a vinyl record. What should be your relationship with said object? Should it be like a worn-in T-shirt, played and replayed until the crackles and pops become one with the music? Or should it be treated gingerly, stowed away for safekeeping? There’s no all-encompassing answer; it depends on […]

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I Watched Tron: Legacy Through an Audiophile Soundbar and It Blew My Mind

tron legacy audiophile soundbar experience sennheiser

Tron: Legacy is a perfect pop culture intersection involving gaming, coding, robots made of coding, electronic music, the digitalization of the world, and game-loving robots made of coding who play electronic music. Most people probably remember the 2010 film as “The One With CGI Jeff Bridges,” but music lovers know it for the participation of […]

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