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Why You Should Listen to D’Angelo’s Voodoo Through Your Headphones

d'angelo voodoo headphone experience

There are several ways to define the headphone experience. Our first installment in this Discogs series of albums that sound great on headphones, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, is the pinnacle of a classic approach — let’s call it “stoner whoa” — where the studio is used to achieve an altered state […]

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Why You Should Listen to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Through Your Headphones

headphone experience pink floyd dark side of the moon album cover

When a few of us here at Discogs started tossing around ideas for albums to feature in this new series about the joys of a headphone experience with vinyl, we knew we wanted to start with something iconic. The Dark Side of the Moon immediately came up, but we were worried. It’s a short walk […]

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The Best Turntable Cartridges to Complete Your Set-Up

best turntable cartridges

Other than finding cheap grails at yard sales, phono cartridges are the most fun you can have in the vinyl hobby. Changing your cartridge can have a dramatic impact on the listening experience, resulting in a more vivid, colorful, and downright enjoyable sound. Once you hear the difference between, “Hey, her voice sounds pretty good,” […]

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How to Buy the Best Turntable Set-Up for Any Budget

best turntable set-up by budget

Every music-based forum, including Discogs, is filled with posts from people wanting advice about buying their first turntable, upgrading their existing one, or putting together a complete system. It can be daunting, especially these days. When brick-and-mortar stereo shops were a normal part of the landscape, you could spend time actually listening to components and […]

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Sony’s PS-LX310BT Turntable Makes It Easy To Plug-And-Spin

When I was a kid and in the initial throes of music obsession, my entire days were planned around listening to records, including chores. Even outdoor chores. Raking leaves was no big deal: I just propped speakers in the windows and got to work. But mowing the lawn was a tough one. No matter how […]

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MasterSounds Is The Audio Gear Producer All Vinyl Lovers Should Know About


MasterSounds has been supporting Discogs’ Crate Diggers events since the very first time the record fair and after-party took place in Portland in 2014. Now with the global record fair making its London debut, there’s never been a better time to learn more about the UK-based producer of top quality gear for audiophiles and DJs alike. If you’re […]

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Seed Turntable Is A Unique All-In-One System

Seed is one of the latest bits of turntable eye candy we’ve seen surface on Kickstarter. It claims to be the world’s first all-in-one turntable system, with excellent sound quality, 70W output and streaming capability. Seed has been in planning and development for the past two years by Taiwanese company, HYM with an experienced team of designers […]

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Put Together A DIY Turntable With Spinbox

Spinbox DIY turntable allows you to build your own DIY turntable

Music and DIY ethos have always had a pretty close relationship. We’ve seen people make their own vinyl records through lathe cuts, or laser printing, but a DIY turntable kit is a fairly unique concept. Spinbox is a revolutionary flatpack turntable that includes all the components to put together yourself, including an amp and a couple of speakers. It’s powered by […]

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Turntable Sales Are Up Thanks To The Vinyl Boom

Pro-ject turntable playing vinyl record as manufacturers report turntable sales have surged

As if you needed to hear it again – vinyl is kind of a big deal at the moment. It doesn’t come as much surprise that turntable sales are also up. Way up. One of the biggest manufacturers of quality turntables in the world, Czech Republic’s SEV Litovel, reported turntable production numbers reaching almost 125,000 in […]

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