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The Magical Realm of Marc Bolan’s T. Rex

t rex band marc bolan

Mighty as a dinosaur with the sensual power of a panther and colorful like a cartoon, Marc Bolan was inarguably one of rock n’ roll’s greatest wonders. Glam rock’s founding father danced and dazzled his way into the hearts of teenagers from London to Los Angeles to Tokyo. Even before that, he won the world […]

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David Bowie’s “Young Americans” At 45


1975: A Year Of Drastic Changes In Bowie’s Sound Who was David Bowie in 1975? An amorphous, androgynous rock god born of space-age fever dreams? A confused and increasingly cocaine-fueled man thrust into a bright international spotlight? A fiercely devoted music lover moved by the spirit who just wanted to share something good? When Young […]

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