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Noodle from Gorillaz Chats About Her Record Collection and Shares a Playlist

noodle gorillaz playlist record collection interview

Noodle knows a thing or two about confinement. Near the advent of the Gorillaz, she arrived at the band’s headquarters in a crate. Nowadays, the four walls of her quarantine, Kong Studios, are much larger than a simple box. Noodle and the rest of the crew — Russel, 2-D, and Murdoc (along with flesh-and-blood members […]

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Gorillaz’s “Demon Days” Still Sounds Like Dancing In An Apocalypse 15 Years Later

What does an apocalypse sound like? By 2005, it sounded like a United States President announcing “mission accomplished” for a war far from over. It sounded like the cries of global warming being a bigger threat to humanity than what that same President went to war over. It also sounded like a dystopian dance party […]

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Five Of 2018’s Best Box Sets, All Ready For Your Wantlist

The holiday season is around the corner. You know what that means: It’s time to put up with Aunt Carol at dinner, hear Little Drummer Boy roughly five million times, read about Starbucks cups on Facebook (ugh, Aunt Carol!), and deal with all your friends’ ironic ugly sweaters. Most importantly though, it means stuffing your […]

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