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Adam Cayton-Holland: If You Love Something, Get It On Vinyl

Article by Adam Cayton-Holland I’m often late to the party musically. The first time I ever heard Built to Spill was only a few years ago. It was at a show at Red Rocks. I had heard of the band, but never actually heard them. Then they took the stage, and my face melted, my […]

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Tamino Illustrates The Golden Age Of Arabic Music

Belgian singer-songwriter, Tamino

Article by Tamino To clarify: I don’t speak Arabic, as I grew up in Belgium, but a big part of my family is Arab (Egyptian/Lebanese) and even on the Belgian side of the family there are many relatives who are big Arabic music lovers. I grew up mainly listening to the record collection of my […]

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Bricks For Your Window: Milwaukee Punk Highlights

This is a guest post, written by Eric Beaumont. Eric is a co-writer of ‘Brick Through The Window‘,  a retrospective focused on the Milwaukee punk scene between 1964-1984. He also fronts Eric Blowtorch and the Inflammables. Get your hands on a copy of the book to get deep into Milwaukee’s punk history. In the meantime, […]

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An Interview With World Musician Lloyd Miller

Lloyd Miller

This first guest blog on Discogs is written by user satan165. Interested in writing a guest blog? Enter your contact details here and we’ll be in touch! It was over six years ago that I first learned of Lloyd Miller’s work. I was introduced to him – like many others – by ‘Egon’ Alpatt of […]

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