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Arcade Fire’s Best Albums, According to the Discogs Community

arcade fire band photo

You probably saw the rumors circulating for the last few years that Arcade Fire were working on new material. With no firm release dates, a surprise single, and mysterious postcards mailed to fans, the speculation and anticipation have continued to steadily build. After five long years since 2017’s Everything Now, a new album has finally […]

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Why Daniel Johnston Is a Cult Hero

daniel johnston

More people are familiar with the cover art from Daniel Johnston’s sixth album, the 1983 self-released Hi, How Are You, than they are with the singer-songwriter himself. The front image, a black-and-white line drawing of a frog-like creature with eyes on long stalks (known as “Jeremiah the Innocent”), was emblazoned on a T-shirt worn by […]

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Another Thing Coming Undone: The National’s High Violet At 10

The National felt like they were in a “fishbowl” while making their weighty, ornate breakthrough 2007 album Boxer. Recording on the clock at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was concerningly spendy, forcing the band to make decisions rapidly and decisively. As a result, the music is impactful yet feels wound up like a Rolex timepiece; […]

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Looking At Yourself From the Outside: An Interview with Margaret Glaspy

It’s a strange and scary time to be a musician in New York City, but singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy is looking at the silver lining in these strange times. “It’s like the ultimate domestication,” she says from her apartment that she shares with her partner, jazz guitarist Julian Lage. “We’re touring musicians that are perpetually on […]

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The Indelible Legacy Of Elliott Smith’s Figure 8

It does not seem like two decades ago that I arranged and attended Elliott Smith’s in-store performance at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. It was 2000, the dawn of a new century. The store, formerly a bowling alley, had the resounding echo cascading off the walls of “click, click, click,” as hundreds of people simultaneously […]

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The Good Son At 30: How Nick Cave Confronted His Personal Demons And Saw The Light

Nick Cave was in a tailspin that threatened his life while making Tender Prey, his acclaimed 1988 album with The Bad Seeds. The sessions, which involved half a dozen studios in four countries, were marred by drug withdrawals, altercations between band members, and Cave’s arrest that year for heroin possession. And its cacophonous tracks sounded […]

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Grabbing The World By The Throat And Whispering In Its Ear: A Guide To Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple

Heavy is a head that wears a crown, but anti-pop Queen Fiona Apple wears her burdens with intensity and grace. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and masterful pianist has spent a quarter-century turning life’s discomforts into wreaths of glory. At 19, she stormed the world with a fist-full of arresting truths sung full and throaty over jazzy […]

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Remembering Adam Schlesinger

At least here in the Northeast, one of the biggest appeals of the songwriting team of Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood was how much of a role the New York Tri-State area played in the music they created together as Fountains of Wayne. And why there’s been such an enormous outpouring of love and sorrow […]

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A True Punk: In Celebration of DJ, Producer and Musician Andrew Weatherall

“Genius is an overworked term but I’m struggling to think of anything else that defines him.”- Irvine Welsh on Andrew Weatherall Andrew Weatherall created the soundscape for some of the best years of my life. Even if you are not familiar with his name, it is likely you have danced along to one of his […]

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Best of the Decade: The National

Editor’s Note: Shining a light on the more prominent artists of the passing decade; we’ll be taking a look at the artists who made a monumental impact on the 2010s and landed several albums in our 200 Best Albums Of The 2010s list in a series of pieces through the end of 2019. Josh Modell walks […]

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