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Beneath the Covers with Rock Album Artist Mark Wilkinson

mark wilkinson artist beneath the covers

The album art of Mark Wilkinson is among some of the most eye-popping and colorful ever created. His kaleidoscope of colors, attention to detail, and blending of the real with the surreal have made his work stand out from his peers. From the covers of comic book icon Judge Dredd to the metal landscapes of […]

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Bruno Major Takes the Bob Ross Approach to Songwriting

bruno major artist

Bruno Major is a songwriter’s songwriter. The British guitarist knows where pop music comes from and sees where it can go. His deep study of melodic structure from classic Great American Songbook jazz standards and modern production methods of hip-hop and R&B results in songs that feel both timeless and timely. Chatting with the Northhampton […]

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How Shipping Policies Helped Upgrade My Record-Selling Business

shipping policies world map discogs

Here at Discogs, we love helping sellers like you grow your business and sell more efficiently. One of the ways we’ve been assisting sellers to reach more buyers and provide a better shopping experience is through our Shipping Policies. We want to illustrate the perspective from a longstanding and proficient seller, Andrew Cann, aka LilWang. […]

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DJ Paramida Shares Her Summer Playlist and Discogs Wantlist

paramida dj artist

At one time in the recent past, Paramida referred to herself as “the most hated DJ in Berlin.” While that may have been tongue-in-cheek, the deep-digging DJ and Love On The Rocks label founder has set herself apart in a city known for an iconic sound. While the stereotypically grim aesthetic of Berlin techno has […]

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