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Beneath the Covers with Rock Album Artist Mark Wilkinson

mark wilkinson artist beneath the covers

The album art of Mark Wilkinson is among some of the most eye-popping and colorful ever created. His kaleidoscope of colors, attention to detail, and blending of the real with the surreal have made his work stand out from his peers. From the covers of comic book icon Judge Dredd to the metal landscapes of […]

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Bruno Major Takes the Bob Ross Approach to Songwriting

bruno major artist

Bruno Major is a songwriter’s songwriter. The British guitarist knows where pop music comes from and sees where it can go. His deep study of melodic structure from classic Great American Songbook jazz standards and modern production methods of hip-hop and R&B results in songs that feel both timeless and timely. Chatting with the Northhampton […]

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DJ Paramida Shares Her Summer Playlist and Discogs Wantlist

paramida dj artist

Article by Christine Kakaire At one time in the recent past, Paramida referred to herself as “the most hated DJ in Berlin.” While that may have been tongue-in-cheek, the deep-digging DJ and Love On The Rocks label founder has set herself apart in a city known for an iconic sound. While the stereotypically grim aesthetic […]

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Nick Hakim Has Got Soul, And Some Funky 45’s

Article by Jesse Sachs Nick Hakim is one of the most exciting artists making music right now. The records he makes could only come from someone with a long-term auditory diet of unfiltered soul, guttural grit and cosmic slop. In anticipation of his new album, Will This Make Me Good, we chatted about building his […]

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Counter Culture: Sound Station, An Institution Still Standing Strong

Sound Station Header

Article by Tia Korpe Sound Station is one of the longest standing brick-and-mortar shops in Denmark. Its owners and employees are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and of course passionate about music – whether your drug is vinyl, CD, cassette, or memorabilia – you’ll find it here. With over 200.000 items in stock and 50.000 on Discogs, […]

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A Conversation With The Art Directors Of Bon Iver’s ‘i,i’: Aaron Anderson & Eric Timothy Carlson

Ahead of the 2020 Grammy ceremony, Discogs spoke with each of the nominees for Best Album Package about the importance of design and the physical record experience. Nominated for their work on Bon Iver‘s i,i were art directors Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson. Together, they touched on the conceptual approach to their work and the importance […]

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Bobbito Garcia: Cassettes Helped Spread Hip-Hop Around the World

Any nascent musical genre spreads through word of mouth initially. Before the suits would come in and commodify a sound, you’d have buzz on the streets and — in past decades, anyway — DJs unearthing the hottest underground tracks. That was even truer for hip-hop than most genres. It was thoroughly rooted in live communal […]

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National Audio Co. Owner: Tapes Are “Going to Be Around Awhile”

If you’re one of those nostalgic hipsters or old-school heads collecting cassettes, thank National Audio Company. The Missouri-based business has been family-owned and operated since 1969, and today it turns out more than 10 million cassettes a year. It’s the world’s leading cassette duplicator and soon to be perhaps the only manufacturer of musical-grade magnetic […]

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I Am Not Legend: A Cassette Tape Elegy

By Zack Taylor, director of Cassette I drive a 20th century car, but just barely. It’s a 1999 Plymouth Voyager minivan that I inherited from a friend. It squeaks a little when I step on the gas, but the tape deck functions like new. Today I mask the engine’s squeal with a tape from Opening […]

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