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Your Guide To Japanese Music, By Light In The Attic’s Yosuke Kitazawa

We have an incredible guest post from Yosuke Kitazawa from Light In The Attic Records. Yosuke is the Reissue Producer for LITA and is their resident Japanese music expert. He also produced and co-curated Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973. In other words, Yosuke knows of what he speaks. Yosuke […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Tower Records

Tower Records Shibuya

Yep, that’s right –  Tower Records still exists! Not only does a Tower Records still exist in Tokyo, but it’s freaking huge. Nine stories to be exact. Ten if you count their basement performance venue. Tower Records, Shibuya is actually one of the biggest music retail outlets in the world. The nine-story shop is approximately 5,000 square […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Manhattan Records

Tokyo’s oldest hip hop record store, Manhattan Records, has been going strong for over 30 years. Located in the heart of the Shibuya music scene, you can find Manhattan Records tucked just around the corner from Face Records, Next Records, Nerds Record Store, and Disc Jam DJ Gear. Manhattan Records: Social Media: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram VinylHub: Focus: […]

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Digging in Tokyo: City Country City

City Country City Tokyo

Shopping for records while drinking might be a combo you occasionally enjoy when online shopping (wait, I placed how many orders last night?!?), but rarely a combination you get to indulge in when away from the internet… However, if you are visiting Tokyo you’ll have the chance to visit some amazing record store cafes that perfectly combine your love of vinyl […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Lighthouse Records

You’ll never forget the very first record store you visit in Japan: most shop owners take such exquisite care of their stock, the displays are artfully designed, and each record has been expertly graded and cataloged. Lighthouse Records was the first record store I checked out in Japan, soon after landing in Tokyo.  I was awestruck by […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Best Sound Records

Like many of the best independent record stores in Tokyo, you might miss Best Sound Records if you are quickly walking by.  This is because many of the best small shops in Tokyo aren’t on the street level, but hidden from view up a flight of stairs, or even up several flights of stairs. This […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Dessinee Shop

Tokyo is a paradise for vinyl collectors! In the right neighborhood, you’ll bump into a record store around every corner, and Shibuya is definitely the “right” neighborhood.  Everywhere you wander you’ll find a new record shop, audio gear store, or vinyl bar to tempt you inside. Just a short distance south of Shibuya crossing, you will find Dessinee Shop. Dessinee […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Flash Disc Ranch

Flash Disc Ranch

After days of visiting a seemingly endless number of immaculately clean and organized record stores in Tokyo, walking into Flash Disc Ranch Used Records reminded me of many of the used record stores I frequent back home in Portland, Oregon.  It was quirky and looked like the dream hideout of true vinyl collector. Flash Disc Ranch :   VinylHub  […]

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Digging in Tokyo: Face Records

Digging in Japan is a dream for many record collectors. I made that dream a reality last month when I spent a week wandering the streets of Tokyo exploring as many of the local record stores as I could fit into my short visit. I started my week wide-eyed and sleep-deprived, emerging from the train station’s […]

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Vinyl Vacation: Digging in Tokyo

Tokyo is a music-lover’s dream. You might not know it, but Tokyo, Japan is home to some of the most unique vinyl buying experiences on earth.  It’s easy to spend days wandering between the conveniently clustered shops; hopping between the enormous music chain stores and the specialty record stores. Further adding to your music-themed adventures, the city offers vinyl cafes and […]

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