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What’s in a Label: A Look at Atlantic Records

Article by Eduardo Rivadavia Atlantic Records rose to prominence as perhaps the ultimate independent record label prototype, but it was also among the few indies to survive the leap to a major label, becoming one of history’s most successful ones at that. The History Atlantic Records was founded in October 1947 with a $10,000 loan […]

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Ben Blackwell’s Guide To The Most Memorable Releases On Third Man Records

After 11 years and six hundred-some releases, I’m shocked that I’ve not previously taken the time to pen a guide to Third Man Records. As Discogs is clearly the most comprehensive place to buy Third Man releases (and let’s be honest, ANY label’s releases) it makes sense to lay it all out here. Early on […]

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Keep Some Steady Friends Around: 15 Albums On Drag City You Need To Hear

Name a warped singer-songwriter that the mainstream won’t take but who makes your life colorful and tolerable: chances are they’re on Drag City. Because the Chicago label’s commitment to the weird hasn’t wavered — despite being in the game for three decades. “What we do, however much it may be rooted in passing youthful fancy, […]

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The Return Of Elephant 6 Recording Company

Wow! We didn’t see this coming but it feels like in this summer Elephant 6 is back for good. Incredible news for all the fans of the influential imprint. New music will be published in the coming months as well as reissues and… yes, a documentary only available in VHS. What great timing to talk […]

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