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400 Million Collection Landing Page

400 Million Collection Items The Collection is one of the best-loved features on Discogs, and is an invaluable tool for serious and casual music collectors alike. 400 million releases added to Collection is a testament to the Discogs community, your enduring love of music, commitment to physical media, and tangible support for artists, labels, and […]
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Seller Support

Support For Record Stores With the needle lifted on the physical world right now, we know being able to sell online is more important than ever. At Discogs, our priority is keeping your stock moving so you can keep your business running and keep doing what you love. Find information below on how to keep […]
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Postal Status Due to Coronavirus

Postal Status The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a daily impact on postal services across the world. This means that everyone is experiencing shipping delays and longer-than-usual delivery times. Since shipping is integral to one of the best parts of Discogs — for Sellers, keeping your business running smoothly, and for Buyers, getting that new […]

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Discogs Supports Record Stores

How to Support Local Record Stores Discogs is a database, marketplace, and community that offers a way to find, discover, catalog, and purchase your favorite recorded music from trusted independent sellers, which includes record stores around the world. The following resources will help you support record stores, connect to a local store in your city, […]
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Cassette Week

Everything to Know About Cassettes Cassettes are back — and here to stay. Cassette sales are up over 30% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Below, you’ll find everything that you need to know about the format and the trend. We’ve included commentary from thought leaders, cassette kingpins, and the Discogs data team. Cassette Week 2020 […]
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Discogs 11

Discogs is your home for discovering music. It’s an extensive musician and release Database connected to your personal Collection. It’s the venue for your lists and your guidebook to the world of collecting music. It’s a worldwide Marketplace with millions of titles. Sign in or register and start exploring the many features of Discogs. Create An Account The […]

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