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Discogs Mix 82 – Walla P

Discogs Mix 082 - Walla P

Walla P is acknowledged as one of funk’s contemporary ambassadors, owing to his expertly-curated selections and passionate demeanor. The Montreal native runs Voyage Funktastique, a global brand that includes a monthly live event, a weekly radio show, and a record label. Armed with an intense love of all things funky, Walla P presents his passion […]

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Discogs Mix 81 – Pau Roca

Discogs Mix 081 - Pau Roca

Pau Roca has risen as the new “house master” of Barcelona, as described in a review of the Sónar festival. He has been playing regularly at such festivals as Mutek, Sónar, Brunch In the Park, DGTL, and BAM. As head of  the vinyl-only Bons Records, he released records by likes of Doc L. Junior, Philou […]

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Discogs Mix 80 – Varoslav

Discogs Mix 80 - Varoslav

 Varoslav is a Parisian DJ and producer of Czech origin, and owner of the Rue de Plaisance label. He has been now been a part of the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. As a DJ, this tireless record digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Many of them […]

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Discogs Mix 43 – J. Rocc

One of the original turntablists, J. Rocc founded the Beat Junkies in 1992 with Melo-D and Rhettmatic, but has done just as much on his own as in a group setting. He began DJing in the mid-’80s with a California group named PSK. Soon after forming, the Beat Junkies became a seminal force in the […]

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Discogs Mix 79 – Marcel Vogel

Discogs Mix 79 - Marcel Vogel

 Discogs Mix 79 comes from Marcel Vogel – DJ, producer, and head of the Amsterdam-based Lumberjacks In Hell and Intimate Friends labels. Click play in the player above to listen to the expertly crafted live mix, and peep his story and the tracklist below: One of my earliest influences as a DJ and record […]

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Discogs Mix 78 – Elon

Discogs Mix 78 - Elon

 “Love what you do, and do what you love” is the motto that led Elon into music from a young age. Firstly, he played guitar, bass, and he even dared to sing for his own band back in his wild teenage days in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, he was a young motivated artist who wanted […]

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Discogs Mix 77 – Silverlining


To some, the name Silverlining might invoke hazy scenes during the 1990s of rumbling bass lines, flickering high hats, and dubbed out vocals in cavernous underground spaces. For those hearing it for the first time, there is a freshness and authenticity that emerges from his trademark aesthetic. Clearly, the Silverlining sound has withstood the test […]

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Discogs Mix 76 – Noha

 Noha is a musician like few others in the contemporary Electronic music world. As a staggeringly creative individual, he is also a painter of some note. Noha was born and raised in Rome, certainly a city that’s long been renowned for its creative pursuits. He has harbored a fascination with music from a young […]

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Discogs Mix 75 – Hotthobo

For his second exclusive Discogs Mix (he contributed #41 back in 2015), Hotthobo returns to our series in support of his upcoming European tour (dates at the end of this post). Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis co-owns and serves as label manager for California’s Hobo Camp and Voltaire Records. He’s a longtime vinyl DJ and record collector, the […]

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Discogs Mix 74 – Philogresz

Istanbul native Ilker Soylu, better known as Philogresz, is a Turkish-Dutch Electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Amsterdam. With a decade-plus career spanning genres from Electronica to Techno to jazzy stripped down micro-cuts, Philogresz has released tracks on respected labels such as Echocord, !K7, and Electric Deluxe. He also heads up Team Records and Phil, […]

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