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Discogs Mix 64 – Saucy Lady

Saucy Lady – Move Yo Hips Move Yo Hips mix presents a range of party funk tunes that will keep you on your toes, make you move yo hips from side to side, and sweat all the way down to your feet. –Saucy Lady Known as the “Beantown Disco Queen”, Saucy Lady is a Boston-based […]

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Discogs Mix 63 – Count Bass D

The rapper with the most chords — Dwight Conroy Farrell is internationally known as rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Count Bass D.  He has worked with Snoop Dogg, MF DOOM, STS9, Kool Keith, Victor Wooten, Prince Paul, and more. His extensive solo discography spans two decades and includes his breakthrough classic Dwight Spitz.  He continues to gain […]

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Crate Diggers Mix 009 – Rev. Shines

Rev. Shines

Rev. Shines – Today’s Good News Vol. 4 Fulfill your soul and free with your mind with the latest installment of Today’s Good News, crafted specifically for Crate Diggers, in support of Crate Diggers Portland 2017. Inspired by records bought and people met from a recent trip around the world, Rev. Shines takes you on […]

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Discogs Mix 62 – DJ Platurn

DJ Platurn – Help Is On The Way: A Native Tongues Inspired Disco Mix A 23 year veteran of the music industry, DJ Platurn has traveled the world many times over, bringing phenomenal music to multiple corners of the globe. Through his travels, he’s built a reputation as a tastemaker with vision and a sense […]

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Discogs Mix 61 – Fredfades

Fredfades – High-End Lo-fi Jams Fredfades is a 29-year old producer, DJ, and artist originating from Oslo, Norway. A heavy collector of Jazz and Modern Soul, Fred has been digging in the crates for over 15 years. His solo debut album, Warmth, dropped this past June 2017, via UK’s KingUnderground Records. Preceding his solo debut, […]

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Discogs Mix 60 – Radio Hobo

Radio Hobo is the President of Troptopia, an island between Berlin and Caracas, a land of milk and honey, palm wine and papayas, where only the most beautiful music ever gets airplay. From Cumbia, Soukous, Afrobeat, Highlife to Tropicalia, Afro-Disco and Afro-House; everything you need to celebrate a tropical escapism. Here on Discogs Mix 060, Radio […]

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Discogs Mix 59 – Bamboozle aka Eli of Soul Clap

Discogs is excited to once again partner with Mobile Mondays! to present a special edition of NYC’s premier all-45s weekly DJ showcase! The May 15th, 2017 event downstairs at The Bowery Electric will feature cosmic Disco ensemble Midnight Magic performing live and exclusive DJ sets from Bamboozle and Lonely C of Soul Clap! In support of this special event, Bamboozle aka Eli of Soul Clap has given […]

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Discogs Mix 58 – Operator Emz of Mobile Mondays!

Discogs is proud to once again team up with Mobile Mondays! to present a special Live edition of NYC’s premier all-45s weekly DJ showcase! The May 15th, 2017 event downstairs at The Bowery Electric will feature Midnight Magic, as well as another special guest act to be announced soon! Stay tuned to the event page for further details! […]

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Discogs Mix 57 – Adjustment Bureau

Vladimir Saksonov and Denis Kondrashchenko – Adjustment Bureau – are usurpers from the historical center of Russia, Saint Petersburg. “The Adjustment Bureau” is the slogan that they materialize through their own tracks, which are published strictly on vinyl. The project has releases on such labels as Hypertone (the debut Epine Vinette EP), Pleasure Zone, Heisenberg, BodyParts Records, Metroline, […]

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Discogs Mix 56 – Albin Filet Mignon of

Albin Filet Mignon of with vintage stereo

Albin Filet Mignon is the co-founder of, a website created in 2013 by three French men – Marwan, Fanateek One, and Albin – who all share a common passion for ’80s grooves. The website is dedicated to ’80s Soul, Funk, Boogie, Disco, and Jazz-Funk, and includes more than 680 record reviews from dance classics to ultra-obscure […]

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