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Discogs X Mobile Mondays! Live with Midnight Magic & Special Guests

Discogs is proud to once again team up with Mobile Mondays! to present a special edition of NYC’s premier all-45s weekly DJ showcase! The May 15th, 2017 event downstairs at The Bowery Electric will feature cosmic Disco ensemble Midnight Magic, as well as a special guest act to be announced! Midnight Magic is a nine-person ensemble bonded by […]

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State of Discogs 2016

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Digging Deeper: The Top 20 Albums of 2016

Digging Deeper Top 20 Albums 2016

2016 was a terrible year for music. Then again, 2016 was a great year for music. Does that seem like some bizarre form of doublespeak? Hold up; hear me out. After all, the first thing we might ponder as we look back on the last year in popular music are the artists who’ve passed on: Bowie. Prince. […]

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8 Million Releases In The Discogs Database!

Discogs Database 8 million releases

Today is a milestone for Discogs! We’re celebrating the 8 millionth release being entered into the Discogs Database! That means that as of today, you’ll be able to find comprehensive information on 8,000,000+ vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, 8-tracks, cylinders and any other audio format you can think of in the Discogs’ Database. All this data […]

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The Latest Burial Release Accidentally Got Sold On Black Friday

Burial's latest release ‎– Young Death

It’s one of those things that rarely happen: You’re in a record shop, browsing, find a new release you haven’t seen before, take it home, and find out no one has seen it before – as it actually wasn’t meant to be on the shelves yet! That’s in short what happened to Sean, last Friday. And […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For September 2016

As an organized person, there is very little in this world that I’ve come to despise more than an unapologetic mess. I want a plan, I want a neat stack of papers, and I want to get all of my support requests from the Discogs community squared away before I start writing my September Top […]

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Injection Moulded Records – Vinyl Of The Future?

Injection Moulded Records - Vinyl Of The Future

Although his company Symcon is specialized in CD manufacturing machines and supplies, Harm Theunisse was asked by more and more customers whether he could supply vinyl pressing machines as well. So he looked into the current vinyl pressing process, and was amazed that so little had changed since mankind first started pressing records. “There must be another, more […]

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An Interview With Wolfgang Voigt/GAS

Wolfgang Voigt Gas

It’s no secret that Wolfgang Voigt has become one of the most revered names in electronic music from the past 25 years.  Under his many guises, Voigt has treated us to house, electro, techno, and even polka-influenced takes on electronic music variations.  Voigt’s most esteemed and fabled project, without a doubt, would be his Gas project, […]

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Record Planet Mega Record And CD Fair November 2016

Record Planet Mega Record and CD Fair

Only 2 weeks to go to the 46th edition of the Record Planet Mega Record And CD Fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands! Of course Discogs will be there and we’re looking forward to meeting record sellers and buyers from all over the world. Around 30,000 visitors are expected to head to the fair in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht […]

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Crate Diggers LA Vendor Spotlight: Dirtie Blonde

Crate Diggers, presented by Discogs, is excited to make its return to Los Angeles! Now in its third year, Crate Diggers comes back to the great city of LA for the second time, hot on the heels of its international debut in Berlin. A Record Fair by day, followed by an all-night After Party featuring DJ […]

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