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The Best Books To Get Hooked On Music & Gig Posters

Thumbing through these books on gig posters requires restraint; you’ll probably want to tear out the pages to adorn your walls. These books on gig posters put together by historians, collectors, printers, and ardent fans are a celebration of music, art and physical media, as well as community and sense of collaboration, both in terms […]

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The Best Advice For Starting Your Gig Poster Collection

Whether you’re new to picking up gig posters, interested in getting more involved, or even if you’ve already amassed an impressive collection, a little expert advice never goes amiss. The great finds and the evasive, long-standing Wantlisted items, the highs and lows of collecting – it’s an experience that’s hard to replicate. We got some […]

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The Most Iconic Gig Posters – A Primer

What’s iconic and what’s not is highly subjective, but at least on these eight gig posters we can all agree, have a special place in the gig poster canon. These posters all have that thing that will see them remembered for decades (hey, maybe even centuries) to come. It’s impossible to talk iconic posters without […]

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Inside a Gig Poster Collection

What’s better than getting a peek at someone else’s collection? Whether it’s vinyl, CDs, cassettes, books, films or posters – call it nosy (we call it inquisitive) – but there’s something about getting a look at a collector’s most prized possessions, what they’ve gone to great pains to acquire, and what they’ve chosen to leave […]

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Post No Bills: How The Posterogs Database Stacks Up

We love a good old fashioned data dig here at Discogs, and the poster data we’ve been collecting over the past couple of years is no exception. While Posterogs is still pretty new compared to Discogs, we were curious to see where there were parallels in terms of what our most submitted posters and artists […]

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How Music Posters Found A Home On Discogs

Posters that were once produced simply as advertisements and promotional pieces for gigs and concerts have become a serious art form and collectible. Gig posters say almost as much about a music scene as the music itself. Many music scenes and social movements have become synonymous with the poster art that was created around it. […]

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Most Wanted & Collected Posters of 2018, & Database Trends

Posterogs is our newest, but fast growing database with over 500% growth in 2018. Turns out people who are into physical music formats are also pretty keen on gig posters. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or made edits to Posterogs. We appreciate you making 2018 a great year for the Bookogs database. What’s […]

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Where To Find Gig Posters Since Disappeared

collage of gig posters and album promo posters was once a much loved site for music and gig poster fans all over the world. At its peak, its database was home to over 160,000 gig posters, and humming forums where you could interact directly with talented and well-known poster artists. Sadly, around 2016, mods deemed the site unsustainable due to hacker attacks […]

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SPIN On The Sister-Sites: Submission Stats

Filmogs VHS collection

Discogs September Pledge Initiative is an annual submission drive to document and catalog as many music releases throughout month as possible, ultimately pushing towards Discogs goal to catalog every release in the world (you can read more about Discogs’ SPIN results here). This goal also extends to all of Discogs’ newer sister-sites: Bookogs, Gearogs, Comicogs, […]

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Posterogs Mid-Year Review: Most Wanted & Collected

Most collected poster on Posterogs: Cocteau Twins Love's Easy Tears album promo

Remember the start of 2018? So many resolutions – we were going to start eating right, working out, cataloging our whole collections… A few of these have gone out the window, but adding stuff to the database is infinitely easier than eating salad and donning trainers. So now that we’re officially past the mid-point of […]

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