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Furnace Record Pressing Plant Is Ready To Roll

Packaged Records Furnace Pressing

With record pressing plants around the world struggling to meet demand, and delivery times increasing, a new pressing plant in Alexandria, Virginia is aiming to lighten the load. We asked Eric Astor, founder and CEO of Furnace Record Pressing, about the challenges of opening up the 50,000 square feet plant, the future for physical formats and the […]

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Denmark is Getting a New Sustainable Record Pressing Plant

Behind the scenes of Denmark's sustainable record pressing plant, Vinyltryk

A group of friends in Denmark are opening a new sustainable record pressing plant after noticing a couple of problems with getting records made in their home country. The first is a common one: it takes ages. RPM Records reckon it takes bands between 3-6 months to get their music pressed, with smaller artists even being […]

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Toyokasei Saved Vinyl From Extinction In Japan

Japanese pressing plant, Toyokasei's main office with a wall decorated with covers of records pressed at the factory

At the end of June, Sony Music Japan announced they would start pressing their own vinyl records in their own plant for the first time since the end of the 1980s. It was big news both domestically and abroad, where interest in the ongoing revival in physical records continues unimpeded. The company hopes to open […]

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