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The Fresh Funk And Psychedelic Swirl Of Prince’s Around The World In A Day Turns 35


By the mid-1980s, Prince had entered the stratosphere few could penetrate. The success the previous year of his star making film Purple Rain proved that the one-named wonder could be compelling on an international scale across both screen and recorded mediums. The accompanying soundtrack album had produced a myriad of global hits, showcased Prince’s virtuosity […]

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A Guide To The Best Prince Live Performances

Article by Mike Duquette There are so many difficult things to cope with in the four years since Prince passed away, but none may be as difficult as knowing that no one will get to enjoy him in concert again. The music legend made a lot of magic in his career, but there was nothing […]

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Super Deluxe: Prince’s 1999 Gets A Massive Reissue

In 1981, Prince and his yet-unnamed band hit the stage of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. For two nights, they’d serve as the opening act for rock icons the Rolling Stones. Prince was already a hit-maker on the R&B scene. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” from his self-titled sophomore LP nabbed No. 11 on the […]

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Welcome To The Dawn… The Versace Experience

A kaleidoscope of voices say, “Welcome to the dawn. You’ve just accessed … The Versace Experience.” Synthetic wind sounds and echoing clangs swell, surrounding you. The voices return: “You’ve just accessed The Versace Experience. You’ve just accessed The Versace Experience. You’ve just accessed…” They speed up in layered incantations: “Courtship. Sex. Commitment. Fetishes. Loneliness.” Repeat. […]

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1995-1996: Prince, Emancipated

Lou Reed wrote “My week beats your year” in the liner notes of 1975’s shocking Metal Machine Music. More than two decades later, Prince attempted to best that record: his year beats your entire concept of time itself. In 1996, finally wresting himself from his souring contract with longtime label Warner Bros. Records, Prince (or […]

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Ultimate Rave: How Prince Partied When It Was Actually 1999

Think back, if you dare, to the world of 1999. No, not Prince’s magnificent double album—the real 1999. Pop music was way in, from Britney to Backstreet, and the “Latin explosion” propelled rising stars like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez toward the top of the charts. All summer long, we watched the Yankees clinch their […]

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The Rebirth Of Prince: 2004-2007

If you believe in reincarnation, Feb. 8, 2004 could well be the day Prince was reborn. It was then, on the stage of Los Angeles’ Staples Center, that the artist formerly, currently, and forever known as Prince stepped back into the spotlight by opening the 46th annual Grammy Awards with a medley of tracks from […]

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Prince, In His Own Words: ‘I Am Music’

Today, the Prince estate and Sony Legacy are kicking off a massive reissue project featuring records from Prince’s NPG Records era. The initial batch of releases includes 2004’s Musicology, 2006’s 3121, and 2007’s Planet Earth — all on vinyl for the first time. And of course, they’re on purple wax. This era marked what many […]

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The Emancipation Of Prince: A Guide To The NPG Era, 1995-2010

By Sean Cannon and Mike Duquette Modern superstars like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, and Future release albums when they want and how they want. Back in the ’90s that wasn’t the case. For decades, musicians at the top of the food chain all operated pretty much the same way. Labels meticulously crafted an album cycle […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For June 2018

Prince - The Black Album for sale

There’s only one word that matters for June’s top sellers: Prince! The Purple One has set another record in the Discogs Marketplace, and so has The Black Album. Back in April 2016, a US promo copy went for $15,000. While a promo copy from the States is incredibly rare, it’s nothing compared to the version […]

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