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The Most Expensive Punk 7-Inch Records of All Time

most expensive punk 7 inch records

The DIY spirit of punk has inspired bands all over the world to start their own labels and release their own records. The ideal format quickly became 7-inch records because they were affordable and the shorter sides complemented the genre’s immediacy. Many bands designed their own sleeves and inserts, then put each record together by […]

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7 Extraordinary Women of the Early Punk Era

women of early punk

Take a moment to learn more about some of the women of punk who pioneered the style in the 1970s and ‘80s. Jayne County Jayne County (b. 1947) is a queer and trans punk trailblazer who is often considered the first openly transgender singer in rock. Although she is a rock legend, she is also […]

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The 10 Most Important Albums Released on Dirtnap Records

dirtnap records

This was supposed to be Ken Cheppaikode’s month to celebrate. The owner and sole employee of punk/garage rock-centric label Dirtnap Records had booked the packed, two-day Dirtnap Festival at the High Noon Saloon in his current home in Madison, Wisconsin, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the imprint, including a reunion of new wave dynamos […]

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The Seedy Glories And Sordid Art Of X’s ‘Los Angeles’ At 40

Los Angeles was a much different place when X released its debut album, Los Angeles, named for the city that the band had adopted. Forty years ago, Los Angeles still had a reliably seedy link to its noir roots, which was catnip to people like John Doe, who fled the East Coast for L.A.’s sunny […]

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A Velvet Glove With Brass Knuckles: The Hives’ Veni Vidi Vicious At 20

Imagine a wheat field, dry and yellowed, waving gently in the breeze. Storm clouds begin to gather above the mass, rumbling and grumbling without a drop. Suddenly, the sky becomes electric, the air splits in two and a bolt of neon lightning crashes to the ground. The field is now on fire, and the raging […]

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How Green Day “Accidentally” Launched A Legendary Career With 1990’s Unassuming Punk Rock Primer, 39/Smooth

Article by Eduardo Rivadavia Ask just about anyone to name the biggest punk rock band of the past 30 years, and they’ll likely agree that band is Green Day, with their string of crossover hits, arena-packing tours, and an estimated 85 million records sold worldwide. But this lofty stature was anything but preordained when three […]

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