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Crate Minds: Satellite Records

Satellite Records

I am finding it difficult to write this introduction to Satellite Records. How am I supposed to put in a few words what this interview was about? We were lucky to get a chance to sit down with Sean Hartman, the store manager of this delightful record shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His endless wisdom about […]

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Crate Minds: Demonfuzz Records

Demonfuzz Records

With a Discogs inventory far over 70,000 records and a selection that crosses over all genres, the name of Rotterdam based Demonfuzz Records rings a bell for music lovers all around the world. From their shop at the Nieuwe Binnenweg, Mike and Erwin have been shipping out thousands of orders in the last few years. […]

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Crate Minds: Derek See Music

Derek See has spent a lifetime surrounded by music. He grew up in a musical household, with both his mother and stepfather being musicians. As a kid, his mother gave him a bunch of 45’s and his uncle gave him some psychedelic records when he was barely in kindergarten. During his formative years, he spent […]

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Crate Minds: House Of Vinyl

Keith Matthews has been involved in music for a lifetime. He has been working for other record shops, record labels, he has DJed all around the world, he has been a promoter and a band manager… As you can see, Keith goes beyond and above the average aficionado. Keith has used his experience in the different […]

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The Discogs Guide To Dublin Record Shops

Dublin Map VinylHub

When you think about Dublin’s Temple Bar District, the area with the highest density of pubs in the city, record shopping might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But apart from pubs, the city’s cultural hotspot is home to galleries, museums, and a few record shops. With most other record shops within […]

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Crate Minds: Global Groove Celebrates 25 Years

Global Groove in Stoke-On-Trent is one of the UK’s most beloved record stores and Discogs stores. On December 5th, they’ll be celebrating 25 years of their doors being open, and just under 10 years of selling records on Discogs (though they’ve been part of the Discogs community for longer). Currently sitting on just over 66,000 […]

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Digging in Reykjavik: Lucky Records

Lucky Records is a haven for music lovers and record aficionados in Iceland’s capital. The store has come a long way in the last 13 years. From humble beginnings as a flea market stall to its large but cozy home in downtown Reykjavik, with a stage for live music performances and a couch to enjoy […]

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Crate Minds: Meet 5 Star Discogs Seller, Recurring Records

Procrastination and the need for a little extra record buying pocket money is how Rael of Recurring Records first got into selling records – nearly 20 years ago. He got his start selling record store finds on eBay before it was big, and today, in addition to his well-stocked Discogs inventory, also sells at local record […]

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Counter Culture: Music Recommendations From Ithaca’s Angry Mom Records

You walk into your local record store and head straight to the unsorted New Arrivals bin. You flip through seemingly endless copies of ‘Bat Out Of Hell‘ and ‘Aja‘ in hopes that someone sold their copy of MC5‘s ‘Kick Out The Jams‘ to help make rent. The guys behind the counter feel your disappointment as you […]

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Counter Culture: Music Recommendations From Brooklyn’s Halcyon

You walk into your local record store and head straight to the unsorted New Arrivals bin. You flip through seemingly endless copies of ‘The Stranger‘ and ‘Heartbreak City‘ in hopes that someone sold their copy of ‘Come On Die Young‘ to make rent. The staff behind the counter can feel your disappointment as you reach the […]

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