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Escape to Disco New Record Store in the North of Italy

“Small but sweet” is probably the best description for Disco New record store in the city centre of Bozen, province capital in the North of Italy. In this very small space, music lover and event manager Walter Eschgfäller sells records. “The sales are going okay, but could be better”, he tells me. South Tyrol, the region Disco […]

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The Best Record Stores In Portland

POWERED BY CRATE DIGGERS RECORD FAIR | PORTLAND OR | AUGUST 25 2018 “Best Record Stores” lists undoubtedly depict a biased slant. If the list is “curated” by a single writer or a cultural aggregator of lists (we’re looking at you, Thrillist) posturing as a local, best is ambiguous at best. With our series of […]

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