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Important Discogs Marketplace Update 2022

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Discogs connects music fans around the world. However, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has affected how the Discogs Marketplace can support individual sellers and buyers. PayPal is the platform that processes all transactions in the Discogs Marketplace. Due to current events, PayPal announced that it has “suspended PayPal services in Russia.” Payments in Russia Because […]

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Quantity Field Automatically Relists Multiple Copies in Your Seller Inventory

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The Quantity field on the listing page allows you to list multiple copies of the same release at once rather than repeating the process for each item. For sellers with several copies of a release to sell — such as new releases — this optional field has the potential to save hours of inventory management […]

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Discogs Makes It Easier for Sellers to Report on Taxes With New Transaction Data

Discogs transitioned to the new PayPal payment platform, which eliminated the need for monthly invoices. However, many sellers previously relied on the monthly invoice to track and report quarterly taxes. Discogs is introducing an updated Marketplace Transactions export that makes it easier to track sales and tax information for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax authorities. What […]

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Seller Update: Quarterly Tax Reporting and PayPal

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As Discogs has transitioned to the new PayPal payment platform, we’ve spoken to several EU sellers about invoicing and tax reporting. Many professional sellers previously relied on the monthly invoice to track and report quarterly taxes. While Discogs does provide most of the data in the Marketplace Transactions Export that was previously available in the […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in November 2021

Most Expensive Items Sold Header

The November 2021 most expensive list has landed and it’s full of hard rock LPs, hard-to-find 45s, and one release on the short-lived CD video (CDV) format. In addition to the various soul 45s found throughout the list, this month’s rankings also include rare punk and psychedelic rock 7-inches. A Septic Death 7-inch box set […]

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An Interview with Lars Larsson of Record Mania in Stockholm, Sweden

Owner Lar Larsson showing a record

For Lars Larsson, owner of Record Mania, selling records was initially a small, personalized affair. Based in Sweden, Record Mania started as a humble mail-order business back in 1996 before blooming into a website, Discogs store (RecordMania.SE), and brick-and-mortar outlet based in Stockholm. If you find yourself in the area, orders via Discogs can be […]

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An Interview with Mikel Orsborn of Mighty Vinyl Records

Prog rock superfan Mikel Orsborn, AKA Mighty Vinyl, is a bit of an OG when it comes to selling records online, having set up his first store, “Supper’s Ready Collectibles” (named after this favorite Genesis song), in the early ‘90s. He was kind enough to tell us about his earlier days as a seller on […]

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An Interview with Jurgen van den Brand of Burning World Records

Since 2008, Burning World Records has specialized in the unconventional and unique, waving the flag for doom metal, black metal, drone, psychedelia, stoner, industrial, and experimental music. Their recipe for success? Founder Jurgen van den Brand’s explanation is simple enough: “We go where the interesting music takes us.” This prevailing ethos has guided Jurgen throughout […]

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Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in October 2021

Most Expensive Items Sold October 2021 Header

This month’s roundup of the most expensive records, cassettes, and CDs sold in the Discogs Marketplace has arrived and it is full of rare 7-inches, stone-cold classics, and expansive box sets. Coming in at No. 30 is a hard-to-find Violators 7-inch record. Like other rare punk 7-inches that sell for top dollar, the record is […]

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Top 50 Best-Selling Records on Discogs in October 2021

best selling records october 2021

The latest monthly best-selling list is here, and it’s a great way to discover new music as you take a deeper look at what the Discogs Community is collecting. By determining how many purchases were made by Discogs users in the Marketplace, you’ll be able to see which genres, labels, and artists are taking the […]

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