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25 Most-Collected Disney Albums of All Time

most collected disney albums

Disney is responsible for some of the catchiest songs of all time. Whether you’re just trying to let it go or singing no worries for the rest of your days, you have the lyrics to at least one (or 100) Disney tunes stored in your brain. But what about physical music in your collection? We’re […]

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I Watched Tron: Legacy Through an Audiophile Soundbar and It Blew My Mind

tron legacy audiophile soundbar experience sennheiser

Tron: Legacy is a perfect pop culture intersection involving gaming, coding, robots made of coding, electronic music, the digitalization of the world, and game-loving robots made of coding who play electronic music. Most people probably remember the 2010 film as “The One With CGI Jeff Bridges,” but music lovers know it for the participation of […]

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30 Most-Collected Horror Movie Soundtracks of All Time

most collected horror soundtracks on discogs

Everyone is still entitled to a good scare, which is why we’ve decided to treat ourselves with a list of the most-collected horror movie soundtracks of all time. “Horror is a reaction; it’s not a genre,” as John Carpenter so eloquently said to Interview Magazine in 2015. To craft a soundtrack that not only perfectly […]

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Why You Should Listen to Bernard Herrmann’s Taxi Driver Soundtrack Through Your Headphones

headphone experience bernard herrmann taxi driver soundtrack

Bernard Herrmann was not only a genius but a master of precognition. The late composer, most famous for being Alfred Hitchcock’s secret weapon on a slew of cinema’s most deadly film scores, wrote the music for Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver 45 years ago. He turned isolation, paranoia, fear, and violence into compelling music. In other […]

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10 Best Ozploitation Movie Soundtracks

stuntrock movie poster

Article by Jason Murphy and Raine Cardinaels-Baird We’re taking a journey into the sounds of Ozploitation. Ozploitation refers to the mainly low-budget and direct-to-video films to come out of Australia from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s. The main thing linking these films was the exploitation of aspects of Australian culture and stereotypes to attract […]

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The Best Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl from Mondo


So, you’ve filled your record library with iconic rock, soul staples, pop hits, rare punk, disco delights, and funk favorites. You’ve got a few great classical pieces, some old holiday collections, a few weird things you bought because the cover looked cool, but you still want more? Have you explored the wonderful world of film […]

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May the Fourth Be With You: A Guide to Star Wars Records

Star Wars is one of the undisputed greatest classic trilogies of movies of all times. The subsequent Droids & Ewoks cartoons were pretty rad too. The holiday special. Looking back, it’s amazing that these classics were preserved and untouched by revisionist edits, bad CGI upgrades, and other mistakes that often taint “remasters” of classic films. […]

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13 Essential Italian Horror Soundtracks

Italian Horror Soundtracks are a record collector’s delight. They characteristically feature a touch of dissonance interspersed with rock instrumentation and relaxed European lounge grooves. There are superstars of the genre, like Goblin, who bring impressive rock structure to the albums. There are also plenty of unsung heroes, like the spectacular choirs found on the soundtracks […]
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10 Essential Horror Soundtracks

What makes a great horror soundtrack? Well, there is always tension; usually between innocent melodies and the menacing sounds that slowly envelop them. There are esoteric instruments galore – never has the theremin gotten so much love. You’ll find microtonal pitch changes on almost every horror soundtrack on this list. Dissonant chords, of course, are […]

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Prince’s Best Soundtrack Moments

Prince’s filmography never quite lived up to the lofty heights of his music-output. With the exception perhaps of Purple Rain, his ventures in to the film world often felt uninspired or laborious. Though he had charisma in buckets as a filmstar, sadly it didn’t quite translate to directorial skill. However, Prince’s flirtations with the silver […]

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