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Staff Picks: Records We’ve Submitted To The Discogs Database

The mission of the Discogs database is to catalog every single music release in the world. With just shy of 9 million under our belt, we’re well on our way, but a music database’s work is never done. As ever, we’re indebted to our tireless community of contributors, whose hard work and attention to detail […]

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Discogs’ Favorite Summer Anthems: Staff Picks

Discogs Summer anthems staff picks: Wham! - Club Tropicana

9 months out of the year (or 10 or 11, depending on where we are) we’re longing for the sun and all the goodness that summer brings. Now that it’s finally hit, you can bet your butts we’re throwing on some tunes and partying like there’s no wintery tomorrow.  To celebrate the return of the sun, we’re […]

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Discogs’ Best Records of 1967: Staff Picks

Best records of 1967: Cream's Disraeli Gears

So far 2017 has been the year of 1997. There have been countless lists (including our own) celebrating the albums that turn 20 this year. And not without good reason; ’97 produced some absolute classics, while also hitting on some sweet nostalgia. For all that’s been said about the records that turn 20 this year, we’ve […]

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Discogs’ Record Store Day 2017 Hauls: Staff Picks

We hardly need an excuse to buy records, but Record Store Day is always a good opportunity to support our local record stores, rub shoulders with other vinyl lovers, and maybe catch the odd live act playing in-store. Between us this year we covered a decent number of stores across several cities and scored a pretty […]

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Discogs’ Best Albums of 1997: Staff Picks

1997 album favorite, Eryka Badu - Live

1997 doesn’t seem all that long ago. Y2K was fast approaching and we were freaking out about machines cancelling progress and taking us back to the dark ages. Was it the fear and paranoia that gave rise to some of the best music in recent(ish) memory or was it something else? Whatever it was, when we got digging […]

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Staff Picks: Most Anticipated New Albums of 2017

Group photo of disco band, Chic

2016 is done and dusted, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. If January is any indication, 2017 is going to be just as mental. New albums to the rescue! 2017 is set to be another great year for new album releases, with plenty of old favorites coming back into the fold. Who even cares if the […]

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Staff Picks: 2016 Release That Best Sums Up Your Year


For our last Staff Picks about 2016, the question was: “Which 2016 release best sums up your year and why?” Not an easy question to answer, but after some thinking, these were the ones we picked. Let us know what your answer to this question would be in the comments below. Here’s to a fresh start, new […]

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Staff Picks: Favorite 2016 Release


Although 2016 has been a gloomy year music wise (it can’t be over quick enough really), there definitely were some bright sparks in there! A lot of great music was released, and to end the year on a positive note, we’ve picked our favorites. These were the releases that got us through the year, what […]

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Staff Picks: Favorite Live Performance In 2016

Electric Moon

The second episode of our ‘Favorites of 2016’ Staff Picks is all about live music. Concerts, Festivals, DJ sets and more, there was so much to see, hear and experience in the passed 12 months! The question is: What was your favorite live perfomance in 2016?   

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Staff Picks: Favorite Discovery In 2016

Favorite Discovery In 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s that time again to reflect on what music has made its way into our collections. We’re kicking of this series of four, with music we didn’t even know existed about a year ago. Our question: What was your favorite discovery in 2016? 

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