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The Best Halloween Records: Staff Picks

The Best Halloween records: Ghostbusters Original Soundtrack Album

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with a big party this year or just haunting your own house, nothing sets the tone like the perfect Halloween record. What makes the perfect Halloween record is a highly subjective and debatable topic. Some prefer spooky scores, others need some menacing lyrics, while some will settle for a few blood-curdling […]

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Devs’ Picks: Five Records To Code To


This is potentially a weird one but well, here we go! We have asked our developers which records they listen to while making Discogs (and Vinylhub, Gearogs, Filmogs, Bookogs, Comicogs, and Posterogs) a better place for all of us to collect stuff. We received some interesting responses to the developers’ picks for best records to code […]

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Staff Picks: The Best Albums Of 2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

I know what you’re thinking: Was 2008 really that long ago? Well, let’s consider what was happening that summer. The way many of us were interacting with music was slowly evolving as the now ubiquitous iPhone just celebrated its first birthday with the launch of its App store, while Spotify was gearing up for its […]

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Staff Picks: Farthest You’ve Traveled To Dig

Slowboat Records

The Discogs staff have traveled far and wide, from well-known vinyl hubs in the heart of downtown Tokyo and Detroit to local hotspots in Alaska and New Zealand. What all of these locales have in common is a shared sense of community. They act as gathering places where music fanatics from around the world can […]

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Staff Picks: What’s The Most Miserably Sad Album Of All-Time?

Elliott Smith

February is the month of love. And if after reading this statement you’re feeling as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as we are, then you will probably enjoy our latest Staff Picks. This time, we have asked our staff to think about the saddest album ever. Be careful while checking this list because the effects of listening to these artists […]

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Discogs Staff Picks: The Most Anticipated Records of 2018

Happy New Year! We know most of you will be recovering from the New Year’s Eve celebration but, while we leave a superb year for music behind, now it’s time to start thinking on 2018! And what a year we have ahead! With new releases announced by many Discogs favorites, we are already biting our nails […]

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Christmas at Discogs = Records for everyone!

Discogs staff has behaved properly (or almost) throughout 2017 and, surprise! Discogs has given us the chance to get a record of our choice as a Christmas gift! At Discogs, we have a really diverse crew including colleagues from 13 different countries but there’s something that put us all together: our passion for music. Whether […]

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2017 Discogs Staff Picks: The Best Records

Now that we are about to plunge into 2018, it’s time to look back at the year we are about to leave behind. 2017 has been hard to process: for many a melodrama (if not a drama), for many a year to test our capacity and our self-control. A science-fiction tale full of heroes and villains. […]

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2017 Discogs Staff Picks: The Best Live Events

It’s no secret that our staff loves getting out there and doing some field work (well, you know, “work”) at live events. While our music tastes might differ, our love for live music knows no boundaries. Small talk in our offices always goes like: “How did the concert go?”, “Going tonight to see…?”, “I’ve heard […]

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2017 Discogs Staff Picks: The Best Tracks

Favorite Tracks 2017: Kamasi Washington - Truth

I don’t know about you, but two thousand and seventeen is giving us the green light to start sharing with you our staff picks. Truth is, this task has given us hard times trying to decide. It’s in our DNA to show some love to those artists we listen to, no matter if they’re fresh […]

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