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Best Music For A BBQ


Nothing pairs better with warm weather than firing up the grill and soaking in the sunshine with family and friends. Barbecues are all about great food and good company, but there is one additional ingredient that can make your next BBQ truly memorable: the perfect music.   Below, you’ll find some barbecue playlist recommendations provided by […]

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Staff Picks: What’s The Most Miserably Sad Album Of All-Time?

Elliott Smith

The post-holiday blues are real and February, the month of love, is just around the corner. If after reading these statements you’re feeling as ¯_(ツ)_/¯ as we are, then you’ll probably enjoy these staff picks. This time, we asked our staff to think about the saddest album ever. Be careful while checking this list because the […]

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Staff Picks: What’s Your Most Anticipated Record Of 2019?

Whatever happened to 2018, right? When we are about to leave another year behind our backs, but on Discogs we like to focus on the positive aspects of life. And what’s more positive than to start thinking about the most anticipated albums of 2019? As every year, we have asked a good bunch of music […]

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Staff Picks: The Best Albums Of 2018

It’s never an easy task to summarize a year with just one album. But of course, the Discogs staff is always up for a challenge and we didn’t want to wave goodbye to the year without sharing with you our take on the best albums of 2018. 2018 has felt like a good one, with […]

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The Best Tracks Of 2018

We’re not gonna lie. 2018 has been a year stacked with great hits and songs that felt timeless. I’m sure most of our staffers have needed some time to think about the one track that stands out for them. And while we know most charts around the Internet will be generous to Drake, Childish Gambino, […]

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Staff Picks: Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Record Store Day Black Friday 2018

Record Store Day Black Friday has become an unmissable date in the calendar of music collectors worldwide. And of course, this includes the Discogs staff! Our team rushed to the streets last Friday to score some fresh new records and rub shoulders with fellow music enthusiasts. We couldn’t miss this opportunity ask them about the […]

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Staff Picks: Favorite Holiday Releases

Favorite Holiday Releases

The Holiday season: You either can’t wait for the radio to start playing endless lists of sugary songs about snow, fire places and red-nosed reindeers, or you can’t wait for the radio to stop playing them. There seems to be nothing in between. Until now that is. Because it turns out that our list of […]

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The Best Halloween Records: Staff Picks

The Best Halloween records: Ghostbusters Original Soundtrack Album

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with a big party this year or just haunting your own house, nothing sets the tone like the perfect Halloween record. What makes the perfect Halloween record is a highly subjective and debatable topic. Some prefer spooky scores, others need some menacing lyrics, while some will settle for a few blood-curdling […]

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Devs’ Picks: Five Records To Code To


This is potentially a weird one but well, here we go! We have asked our developers which records they listen to while making Discogs a better place for all of us to collect stuff. We received some interesting responses to the developers’ picks for best records to code to, you’re unlikely to find the usual culprits […]

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Staff Picks: The Best Albums Of 2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

I know what you’re thinking: Was 2008 really that long ago? Well, let’s consider what was happening that summer. The way many of us were interacting with music was slowly evolving as the now ubiquitous iPhone just celebrated its first birthday with the launch of its App store, while Spotify was gearing up for its […]

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