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Discogs Database Surpasses 9 Million Releases

More than 1 million physical music releases on vinyl, CD, cassette and more have been submitted to the music database since January. We asked you to help us reach 9 million releases in the Discogs database, and you totally came through! We’re thrilled to announce the Discogs database has reached another substantial milestone in our ongoing […]

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10 Things You’ll Need To Find When Making A Submission

I’m not going to lie, contributing to the database can be extremely hard. It can also be extremely easy. Your vinyl record, CD, tape, or what-have-you can have a lot of different information on it. If you’re getting started, this can seem very daunting. Fortunately, not all information is required to make a submission. I […]

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Forbidden Confession: Submitting VHS Tapes To Discogs Over Vinyl

About two weeks ago, I spent some vacation time following up a lead. It’s not uncommon for me to use vacation time for database contribution purposes. It’s definitely uncommon for me to not involve submitting records to the Discogs database. I was promised over a thousand music video VHS tapes out of a collection that […]

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