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Top 30 Most Expensive Releases Sold On Discogs in August 2017

Collage of most expensive releases sold on Discogs in August 2017

Top 30 favorite, Röyksopp‘s ‘Melody A.M.‘ makes a bid for the top spot with a sale of $4621, but it doesn’t even make #2. It’s beaten out by hardcore punk outfit, Negative Approach, with their eponymous 1982 release grabbing $5000. The top spot in August’s most expensive releases is wrangled by a release that goes […]

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Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For July 2015

Some familiar faces, new entries, and a whole lotta 7″ singles march their way into the top 30 most expensive items sold list for the month of July. A scarce Australian punk 7″ from Young Identities takes the top spot this time around, selling for $1800. Perhaps even more hard to come by is the […]

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