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Staff Picks: Farthest You’ve Traveled To Dig

Slowboat Records

The Discogs staff have traveled far and wide, from well-known vinyl hubs in the heart of downtown Tokyo and Detroit to local hotspots in Alaska and New Zealand. What all of these locales have in common is a shared sense of community. They act as gathering places where music fanatics from around the world can […]

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VinylHub’s Top 10 Most Visited Record Stores Worldwide

In the spirit of celebrating independent record stores, we’re highlighting some of the most popular record stores across the world, as documented on VinylHub, the community-built database of record stores. Now at over 7000 record stores, just when we think we’re closing in on our goal to have every record store in the world in […]

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How Record Stores Can Increase Sales and Visits with VinylHub & Discogs

Vinyl record shelves inside 8mm Records in Portugal

Hey, record store owners: if your store isn’t already in the VinylHub database, you’re missing a trick! Discogs and VinylHub are the perfect complement to each other. By using them together, you could drive more sales and visits to your store. Make your record store more discoverable by adding it to the VinylHub database, along with […]

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The World’s Most Remote Record Store, And Other Cool Stats

Storefront of Marbecks record shop in Auckland, NZ

Over at our sister site, VinylHub, the community is working hard on cataloguing all of the world’s (brick and mortar) record stores. Because the data is community-contributed, it is of course also community-owned and accessible under a creative commons license, just like on Discogs. Of course, these statistics are only as accurate as the data itself. […]

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