Testing The New Artist Page Layout

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we are close to finishing the artist page organization and layout changes. This will display information in a more useful and immediate way for everyone, enhance the usability of the site, optimise the page load speed, and make data entry of things such as credits and formats more meaningful.

We are looking for further feedback, and any bug reports, before we switch the whole site to the new layout. To make testing easier, and expose it to more people, we’ve added an option to the top of all artist pages to switch to the new view. You’ll also be able to switch back to the old view, during testing, if you want to compare things between the two views.

The update has organized the artist pages into four main sections – Releases, Tracks Appear On, Unofficial Releases, and Credits.

There are further sub-section in each of these;

Releases and Unofficial Releases sections can contain Albums, Singles & EPs, DJ Mixes, Compilations, Videos, and Miscilaneous. The DJ Mixes sub-sections require the main artist also has a DJ Mix credit.

The Tracks Appear On sections are the same, apart from ‘DJ Mixes’ being replaced with ‘Mixes’. The ‘Mixes’ section only requires the release is ‘Mixed’.

* The Credits sub-sections follow the headings as listed at http://www.discogs.com/help/creditslist

We have tried to make the sections as useful and intuitive as possible. Apart from credits, we use the format tags to place the releases in the appropriate sections. Due to the way formats are entered, or not enough information being included (for example, CDs missing an ‘Album’ tag), we have come up with ways to try to place releases in the category they seem to fit best in. For example, if a release is tagged as only a ‘CD’, we will look at the tracktimes and number of tracks, and decide to place that in the ‘Albums’ section if it is over 44 minutes and 8 tracks. You can see the full explanation of how we work out the various sections at our wiki.

If you are using the new layout, and see something that can be improved, please let us know in the Discogs Development Forum – thanks!

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