The Calgary Music Collectors’ Show

On May 6th, 2018, The Calgary Music Collector’s Show returns to Calgary, AB, Canada. This twice-yearly event is the largest record fair in Alberta, and Discogs is excited to be making our second visit to this event! In anticipation of the show, we spoke with event organizer Mark Corner.

Can you give us an introduction to yourself and your role?

My name is Mark Corner and I am the organizer and one of the vendors for the Calgary Music Collector’s Show. I have been collecting music since the late 1960’s and had a shop back in the 80’s & 90s’s and first started promoting record shows in 1988.

Can you tell us a bit about the Calgary Music Collector’s Show and its history?

I started the Calgary show in Spring of 2009 as an annual event. Once I felt the event was a success I decided to make it a bi-annual event with a Fall and Spring sale!

The Calgary Music Collectors' Show

What makes the CMCS unique?

The CMCS not only attracts vendors and collectors from all over Alberta but from all over Western Canada. The show attracts mostly collectors who just wish to sell off some or all of their collection as opposed to professional record vendors. Saying that, the show does attract a few shops who use the show as a vehicle to sell off stock at a discounted price. We also work hard to attract new vendors which results in a 15 to 25 percent turnover for every show. We also offer vendors extra tables at a discounted price giving them an opportunity to sell more of their product at bargain prices.

What can people expect to find at Calgary Music Collector’s Show?

This event features over 100 vendors and many of them are themselves collectors selling product from their personal collections. This allows the music collectors attending the show to find many unusual items that rarely turn up at their local used record shops. The vendors are very knowledgeable and more than happy to make suggestions about music that matches the customers’ tastes. Attendees of the show are also welcome to ask vendors to make appraisals for them.

Do you have any favorite memories from past Calgary Music Collector’s Shows that stand out?

Some of my best memories of past shows are hearing some of the unusual music that the DJ’s play and the excited faces of collectors when they find that elusive record missing from their collection. I also enjoy seeing some of the door prizes that our vendors donate to the event. It is also fun to speak with people who attend the event for the first time and tell me what an enjoyable experience it has been for them.

What does your personal record collection look like?

I have a fairly modest record collection of around 3000 LP’s, 5000 singles and several hundred CDs and cassettes. My collection is kind of all over the place with no real genre theme. I think that my collection is made up of about 70% of product that I purchased new and about 30% that was used. There are many desirable records that I missed out on and always keep an eye open for. I get most excited when I walk into a shop and hear something new that I must have.

Can you remember the first record you ever purchased? What was it and where did you buy it?

The first record that I ever purchased was the Monkees debut LP in 1966. It was at the checkout counter of our corner grocery store. Long before there were any supermarkets cluttered with National Enquirer and other trash mags.

The Calgary Music Collectors' Show vendors

Any pro-tips for buyers and sellers?

For the buyers take your time, check the condition of anything you might be wishing to purchase, feel free to speak to the vendors and be respectful to their table and product. Best tips for the vendors is be organized, price everything, be courteous to all customers and bag all sales. Be sure to bring a good float for change.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

This event will be the largest so far with the most high-quality new vendors that we have ever had. Attendees should allow themselves lot of time to have a good look around! I also wish everyone to know that this event is open to anyone who wishes to be a vendor of music!

The Calgary Music Collector’s Show:

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The Spring 2018 edition of The Calgary Music Collector’s Show takes place on May 6th at the Acadia Recreation Complex in Calgary, AB, Canada. This all-ages, family friendly event features over 100 individual vendors and live DJs. $10 early bird admission from 9:30-11 AM, $5 general admission from 11 AM-4 PM.

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