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The Continuing Effort To Catalog My Collection

I wanted to do a presentation on my database imaging techniques this week, but I wasn’t able to get everything prepared in time. If you’d like to offer up some advice, I’ve posted my current procedures to the forums. Instead, I will be talking an ongoing project I’ve taken up which might explain why I haven’t been making many new submissions recently.

My new years resolution this year was to do a partial collection purge. This may sound somewhat terrible, but in reality it’s quite an essential part of overall maintenance. I handle a large volume of records and often acquire items faster than I can reasonably listen to them. The decisions I make to keep or pass on an item may be incredibly arbitrary or affected by exhaustion, coffee intake or other environmental factors. Combined with the knowledge that I may never see any of those records ever again in my entire life, I end up holding on to a lot of detritus longer than I honestly should.

Using the grid style organization system I posted about last year, I started at cube A00 and am currently looking at A02. This so far involves items as recent as last year and as old as 2013-ish. In addition to mapping the physical location, I am also updating images and submissions where they are needed. Strangest of all I’m actually listening to this stuff and taking notes. I can’t stress setting up custom collection fields / folders to help organize and track your items. It’s been a key feature that I’ve used over the years to help me answer basic questions like “Why am I holding onto this junk?”

I’ve found some real gold that I’ve forgotten about. This record stands out for being genuinely amazing that nobody’s noticed yet. On the other hand, though, tons of completely ring burnt easy listening and good plus bland bands. It’s all an experience that is essential to the growth of becoming a serious music type person. It’s awfully hard to discover gems without taking the risk of accidentally getting some junk.

Growing or slimming, I hope the best for you and your music appreciation this year! Let me know down below what your plans are this year for your collection!

The Continuing Effort To Catalog My Collection

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  • Jan 20,2017 at 10:02

    To digitise and list for sale all records that no longer form part of the ‘keeping’ collection and also those bought since to form part of the digital uk hits collection. Using discogs folders in collection to track the progress of each one.

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