The Discogs Forums Are The Lifeblood Of The Community

The Discogs forums are the heart and soul of the Discogs community. You can discuss and learn more about the latest trends in music, which records are selling well (or not), get advice on how to list and price certain items for sale on Discogs and find out how best to contribute particularly challenging items to the database.


The Discogs forum is divided up into six main sub-forums: General, Database, Marketplace, App, Development and API. Database, Marketplace and App are further divided into specific sub-forums that will help you connect with other record collectors, buyers, sellers and Discogs contributors more precisely. Community members and Discogs staff alike post and assist in these forums.

The General forum is fairly self explanatory

Discogs forums

Talk about all things music or site related. It’s a casual place to start to get a feel for who else is out there. Drop in sometime!

Database is the democratic center of the site’s music cataloging efforts

Discogs forums

 This forum encompasses everything from basic new user questions to the much more difficult tasks that require many experts to weigh in on. If you are a new contributor, the Submission Help sub-forum can help you get up and going.

The Marketplace forum is a great resource for record sellers

Discogs forums

Find advice on where to get shipping supplies, how to price obscure items, stay up to date on postage increases or shipping service outages, as well as discuss how to best resolve particularly challenging orders. We do ask you not to provide any sensitive information, such as the identity of your buyer, when working on those issues.

The App forum is a must for mobile users

Discogs forums

Get up to date information and support for our fantastic app. There are sub-forums dedicated to both the iOS and Android versions and is moderated by our app team.

The Development forum can be a place to report potential site issues

Discogs forums

Discuss feature requests as well as stay up to date on new and ongoing site growth. The last forum, API, is for developers that want to use our site and is also moderated by Discogs staff.

With the Discogs forum as a tool at your disposal, you can connect with the rest of the community and get some quick assistance. Together we can help each other!

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