Record Store Day 2018

The Discogs Guide To Record Store Day Shopping

Record Store Day 2018 is here and we are here to help you to make the most of it!

Most of our tips for effective Record Store Day shopping come down to preparation, getting a little feisty when you need to, and perhaps a little cunning.

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can find all Record Store Day releases as they become available on Discogs here.

Many of you will be seasoned veterans and will have your own routines, strategies, and tactics for getting hold of what you want. Share below!

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Here are our tips for beating the chaos and getting what you want on Record Store Day:

1. Plan out which record stores you want to get to before Record Store Day
Better yet, make a timetable. Be realistic – do you really want to waste an hour traveling across town? Time is money and money is records. The Vinylhub interactive map will help you with this task.

2. Check public transport or traffic impediments
Ever planned your journey down to the minute, only show up and find ‘planned engineering works’ have made the only parts of the city worth visiting near impossible to reach? Check what’s going on with your public transport links, roads, highways, bike paths ahead of time.

3. Make a list of the releases you really want
Know what’s available and what you’ve got to get before Record Store Day hits. Better yet, make it a prioritized list of needs, wants, and maybe-for-the-right-price/if-you-see-it records. There’ll be loud music, people talking, distractions – being armed with a list will help you stay focused on your mission.

4. Get there early.
Duh-doy. I know it’s Saturday and you want to sleep in. That’s not on the agenda on Record Store Day. Not if you’re going to get your hands on a copy of that super rare soul 7-inch Third Man Records will be releasing.


5. Eat a decent breakfast.
You’re going to need your strength. That means protein, carbs, fibre, omega 3, vitamin B. Ok, so I don’t know anything about nutrition, but you sure as hell don’t want to be ducking out to get a bagel at 9.30am, so eat up.

6. Be prepared to apply force
But just the right amount. I’m a fan of the sly elbow – just enough to get where I want to be and look at what I want to look at, and perhaps make them think “Did she just…?” but not enough for them actually say it. You definitely do not want to draw attention to yourself, or worse – get yourself kicked out before you get what you came for. Subtlety is key. Lift weights for a few days before (but not the really heavy kind) and practice with your dog.

7. Bring decoy treats
A strategically placed fun-sized Snickers in front of the Ed Sheeran records could be the perfect distraction to herd people out of your way so you can browse your desired section in peace.

Hot tip: save some for yourself (even if you followed #5, if you’re doing Record Store Day right you’ll be burning mega calories and you need your energy).

8. Dig deeper
Yeah, Record Store Day releases are cool, but records aren’t just for Record Store Day. Have a proper dig and find some gems. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a chance on a record and finding the most perfect blend of sounds that you never knew existed. Get obscure and buy records with and without the RSD sticker.

Use these tips to get what you want at your local record store – or outsmart the crowds; stay home and shop on Discogs!

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