The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of August 2019

August was a time among others. I had a totally different post for this already written out, unfortunately it got lost somehow. It was far more rantier though and it’s probably for the best to lay off the salt a bit in these trying times. There’s a lot of good releases this month, and some okay. The Fingertracks compilation is both incredibly amazing and highly anticipated. I got my start in the world of file sharing & MP3 blogs, expanding my horizons rapidly and setting the pace for where I am today. Check everything out and let us know what you think.

Tool - Fear Inoculum album cover

#1 – Tool – Fear Inoculum

CD, Album, Ltd, S/Edition

Silver Jews - American Water album cover

#14 – Silver Jews – American Water

LP, Album, RE, RM, Half-Speed Mastered

Tool - Lateralus album cover

#16 – Tool – Lateralus

2xLP, Album, Ltd, Pic, RE, 180

Thom Yorke - Anima album cover

#21 – Thom Yorke – Anima

2xLP, Album, Ltd, Orange

Michael Jackson - Thriller album cover

#23 – Michael Jackson – Thriller

LP, Album, Pitman Pressing, Gatefold

Robyn - Body Talk album cover

#31 – Robyn – Body Talk

2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, White

Thom Yorke - Anima album cover

#39 – Thom Yorke – Anima

2xLP, Album, Dlx, Orange

Tool - Ænima album cover

#41 – Tool – Ænima

2xLP, Unofficial, Gatefold, Grey Vinyl, Orange Vinyl

Ride - This Is Not A Safe Place album cover

#43 – Ride – This Is Not A Safe Place

LP, Gre + LP, Blu + Album, Ltd

Journey - Escape album cover

#49 – Journey – Escape

LP, Album, Terre Haute Pressing

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msuci appreciator
  • Nov 3,2019 at 12:37

    Bootlegs aside, this list is a yawn. Not bad music, just nothing I would entertain purchasing.

  • Oct 26,2019 at 00:03

    I have also noticed an increase in albums incorrectly listed. It is very unpleasant to receive one, whether it is accidental, intentional or by confusion.It has come down to asking the Seller certain questions before purchasing, which I must say they have been very accommodating.

  • Oct 24,2019 at 23:35

    LOL @ anyone thinking that Discogs is going to get a lawsuit by allowing a bootleg to be sold.

    That being said, Dissection is definitely a bootleg as well that is not currently blocked. It’s listed twice, two different colors of the same 2019 unofficial repress.

  • Oct 24,2019 at 22:45

    I love Tracy Chapman and have this album. I just can’t believe it keeps showing up as the most purchased.

  • Oct 24,2019 at 22:35

    Unlike others i would commend you for including Tool’s “Ænima” bootleg on this list, since you would be simply being straight forward with what had been sold on your marketplace, but if the person who compiled the list would have bothered to check the sales list, they would have noticed that more than half of the sales contain a different a description of the colour of the vinyl.

    So congrats on adding fuel to a potential lawsuit by including a counterfeit on your most sold list and basically bragging about it.

    Some advice once you compile a list of most sold records and notice a counterfeit or bootleg on that list, it would be best to then block it from sale and say oops! sorry! (you can’t claim your doing your best to block them, can’t you?)

    Also the part of sales history showing that 80% of the sales were not even remotely accurately, not a good look for the marketplace, as it shows that sellers still knowingly list incorrect records for sale without any repercussions from discogs staff, it does give the impression that you either don’t care or that you are too incompetent to do anything about, neither of those two are a good look.

    Still no one likely got cheated on those transactions since the buyers knew they weren’t getting the correct version, so likely better than Amazon where the estimations say that 25% of their sales are unannounced counterfeits.

  • Oct 24,2019 at 18:38

    I too am wondering how an “unofficial” release is allowed on this list.

  • Oct 24,2019 at 14:21

    How can “Tool – Ænima (vinyl version)” be on the following 2 lists at the same time and in the same mailing I just recieved?
    “The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of August 2019”
    “Press It Again, Sam! 15 Albums That Need To Be Reissued”

    Am I missing something? :-)

  • Oct 24,2019 at 09:24

    Always interesting to see this list every month but could you include the actual number sold, please?

  • Oct 24,2019 at 05:34

    From Discogs sale history, it was up for sale in August. As far as I can make out, it sold 2 copies…??

  • Oct 23,2019 at 22:36

    I immediately stopped when I saw it and thought the same thing. Complete library re issue is required.

  • Oct 22,2019 at 22:14

    Maybe I’m missing something here: How did the “unofficial” vinyl version of Tool – Ænima happen to get on the list of The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of August 2019 when Discogs does not allow for sales of said “unnoffical product?

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